Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi talking to Himmat. She says you have some spark in you, so I trust you. She asks him to work for her. He says yes sure, I m here to work for everyone. She says you will be also in profit. She says Simran is something we cannot see, I doubt on her. She says keep an eye on her. Himmat thinks how Simran got him caught and thinks even he doubts on Simran. Didi asks him will you do it. He says yes, I will. Didi gets happy. Didi applauds him and leaves. Chanchal does the aid to Simran’s feet and asks her to take care. Simran says do you think I m a stranger. Chanchal says no. She cares for her and says you are the prime one for me. Chanchal asks her to rest and leaves. Rajveer asks Simran did you do this to stop me. I

want your answer, why did you do this, why did you walk on glass. Simran says no, I did this to punish myself for lying to everyone here. He says is this the way to regret.

She says you were doing a big mistake. She says you are punishing Tau ji. She asks I want peace in this house. If you think we should tell Tau ji the truth, then I will come with you and tell him everything. She says I will go away from your life after 20 days. She says if you have any feelings for me, give me some happiness, think that this is my last wish. She pleads to him. She promises him that she will forget him. She says I want to live a married women life in these days. Rajveer agrees and marks on the calender. He says look at these dates, your 21 days will end on this day, I will not tell anyone the truth and I will not ask you to leave the house. He says you can live as you want, you can gather memories from this house, I will fulfill your every desire, its my promise, but you should see the date daily so that you can know that you have to leave, no one can change this date. Simran cries.

Simran says how can I forget this date, I got married to you on this date and I came in this house. She says I will go from here forever on this date. Rajveer leaves. Himmat eats the food at night being in the kitchen. Tau ji stops him from eating and asks him to work first. He asks him to work faster and till tomorrow the house should be cleaned, else you can go out from this house. Himmat thinks of Didi’s words and controls his temper. Tau ji scolds him and makes him understand. Himmat nods yes. Tau ji leaves. Himmat thinks he kept quiet because of Didi as she has told him good things, but will he get trapped in her words. Didi comes there. Himmat says you, I was thinking about you. Didi says be courageous. Himmat says sorry to her and says what can I do. Didi says trust me, everything will be fine, don’t be disheartened. Worry about Rajveer and Simran. If you come to know about them, then I will support you, keep an eye on them. Himmat says Tau ji wants me to work. Didi says clean the house and gives him ideas and leaves.

The next morning, Rajveer is doing work in the room. Simran says can you do something else. He says yes. She says ok lift me in your arms. He says what. She says take me downstairs. He says if anyone says something, then… She says I m hurt, no one will tell you anything. Rajveer says I cannot do it, sorry. She says you look cute in anger. Simran smiles. Rajveer shies away and leaves. He comes to jaggi and talks to him. jaggi says I don’t understand what did Simran say, Rajveer tells him what Simran said. jaggi says she is right. Rajveer says on whose side are you. jaggi says on your side. He jokes. Rajveer scolds him. jaggi says this is not right, she loves you. Rajveer says even I love her and I m doing this for her love. Himmat hears them talking. Rajveer says if Tau ji knows this, it will be a trouble for us. Himmat thinks who is Madamji. Rajveer sees Himmat going and gets tensed. jaggi says did he hear everything.

Himmat thinks he should tell what he heard to Didi. He asks Daddu where is Didi. Daddu looks at Himmat and says Tau ji gives you work, why are you looking for Didi. Himmat asks Tai about Didi. She does not reply to him. Tau ji comes and asks him to clean the house well. Himmat says I was looking for Didi and makes excuses. Himmat leaves from the hall. Himmat knocks Didi’s room and thinks what she might be doing. He looks into the room from the window. Didi comes and catches Himmat. She gets angry. He gets afraid and says I was looking out for you. Didi scolds him and says I asked you to keep an eye on Simran and Rajveer and you were keeping an eye on me. Himmat says no, its not like that. She says now I won’t help you. She asks him to clean the house. She says what is the thing you came to tell me. Himmat says it was important. She stops him and asks him. He says whats the use as you don’t trust me and you don’t want to help me.

Didi says trust me, I will help you. She says I have much hope from you, tell me what is it. Himmat tells Rajveer was talking to jaggi about some madam ji and he said if Tau ji would know about her, it would be a problem. Didi thinks about it. She says we have to bring the truth out.

Rajveer comes to Simran and says he will lift her in his arms and take her to the hall. Simran gets very happy. He says I m saying again, ask something else. Simran says you won’t be able to give me what I want. He thinks and lifts her up. Kaisa ye Ishq hai.. music plays in the background. Hoshiyar is reading the newspaper for Daddu and he is shocked to see Rajveer and Simran.

Hoshiyar covers Daddu so that Daddu cannot see them. jaggi sees them and laughs. He sees Tau ji and stops him. Simran and Rajveer have an eyelock and they don’t see anyone. Didi sees them and they bump into her. Didi is shocked. Everyone see them and laugh. Chanchal sees Didi and gets worried. Rajveer and Simran see Didi and are shocked. Dkidi stares at them in anger.

Didi scolds Rajveer and Simran and shouts on them. Tau ji comes there and asks what happened. Ravveer argues with her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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