Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani asking for an answer from Raghu. She asks, from where you got the money. Raghu thinks I can’t tell her the truth. He says, this money is actually given to me by Maliksaa’s friend. Maliksaa gave them a loan a year ago. He says, I was keeping the money in the locker but I think it is not safe here. He asks, shall I deposit in the bank or give it to Daaju’s trust. Shivani asks Raghu to give the money in Daaju’s trust. Jazz tries to object but Shivani doesn’t listen to him. Raghu says, ok. I will deposit it in the trust. Shivani leaves. He asks for the keys. Aunty gives the keys. Raghu asks, did you learn a lesson and says don’t look at Maliksaa’s money. Mahima says, you know that you lied to Shivani and we can prove that

you have got the money from the NGO. Raghu says, what you will do? Will you bring that NGO member here. He says, you are forgetting that you was dying to get my signatures. He says, that NGO is a fake one. Raghu vir plays. Raghu asks them not to give him false threats and asks them to leave.

Mahima and Jazz talk about their insult by Raghu. Jazz says, this property and business is mine. And Raghu is after my property. Aunty is thinking and says, I am thinking about an idea. We have to take a big step for solving our problems. She asks Jazz to take the initiative. Jazz says, I am ready to do everything.

Shivani comes to the study room and thinks to get the story book which Daaju used to read for her. She tries to get that book but it falls on her with other books. Raghu comes to her. Shivani looks at him. Do dil bandhe plays……………….One book falls on Raghu. Shivani smiles. Raghu asks, are you fine? Shivani says, I was searching for my story book. Raghu gives the story book to her. Shivani thanks him.

Rupesh wakes up in the night and goes outside. He opens the drain and puts cloth to stop its flow. He says, now I will see how you people lives here. Next morning, Baburaam asks for the tea and smells the drainage odour. Everyone feel the smell. Maya and Vivek say that they can’t stand with bad odour. Baburaam asks them to make Raghu understand about money. He says, I am going out and will have breakfast outside. Maya and Vivek get ready to go to the hospital where they work. Rupesh tells Lata not to feel bad about their saying. He says, this house is old but it is yours. Lata says, if we clean together then it will not be a problem. Rupesh says, I will help you. Bella says no, you take Nishi outside and have breakfast. Rupesh agrees.

Mahima tells Shivani that there is some surprise for him. Jazz is acting infront of Daaju’s photo and says I am going to prove myself and I needs your blessings. Shivani is happy. She asks, what are you talking about? Jazz says, I have decided to take the responsibility of Daaju’s business and home. Mahima says, it is the surprise. Shivani gets happy. Mahima says, I hope his first day will be good. Shivani says, I hope that you will brighten Daaju’s name and business. Jazz thanks her. Shivani says, Daaju will be very happy. Aunty says, it is a good thing that Jazz got Shivani’s prayers and Daaju’s blessings. Jazz says, I will leave for office now. Shivani leaves. Aunty asks Jazz to take hold on the business. Mahima smirks. Aunty asks him never to disappoint her. Jazz says, Raghu’s authority is only at home and not at the business. He says, business will be ours soon. Panna tai overhears this. Raghu is leaving for office. Panna tai tells him that she heard Jazz, Mahima and Aunty’s conversation. She tells everything. Raghu gets tensed. Panna tai says, they will get hold on the business. Raghu says, nothing will happen and says I will take care of everything. Raghu vir plays………………

Jazz comes to office and sees Raghu sitting on Daaju’s chair. He is shocked. Raghu faces his confidently.

Update Credit to: H Hsan

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