Tumhari Pakhi 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 29th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan asking Maa ji and Sukhi to become his parents and attend the hostel’s parent’s interview. Anshuman is angry on Pakhi from talking so rudely to Tanya. He asks Tanya how could you say sorry to Pakhi. Tanya says I m happy seeing how much you think about me. She says Pakhi is doing this, we should reply her. Anshuman says I don’t understand, I feel I m getting tangled in my own web. Tanya says you should not spoil your image, only two days left now. Anshuman says you are right. She says if she does not go after two days, then what. Anshuman says what will she do in two days. Tanya says she can do anything in one hour too. She is Pakhi. I felt I could let her go from this house easily, but no, its tough, think you are unable to do it.

She says we have to be alert, if Pakhi does something then. Anshuman gets a call from Lavanya. Lavanya reminds him that the jeweller is coming at 6pm, so come with Tanya to select your engagement ring. Anshuman says fine, but you sound upset, what happened, where is Girish. Lavanya says everything is fine, think about yourself and Tanya, don’t worry about me. She looks at the divorce papers. She calls the lawyer and asks for one more copy of the divorce papers. She says I will see till when will Girish not give me divorce. Girish talks to Bua and says I know Lavanya is angry and annoyed with me, I m afraid seeing her, I don’t know what will she do, will she break our relation. He says I will not let my marriage break and won’t let her go away from my life.

Pakhi comes and sees him with Bua. Girish is shocked to see her. He says Pakhi, when did you come. She says I was coming from Ishaan’s house, where is Lavanya. Girish looks at Lavanya’s photo. Pakhi says how cute, you are seeing her photo as you are missing her. He says Lavanya is at home as she has a headache, we brought Naina here. How is Ayaan. Pakhi says he will be fine. Pakhi asks Girish to take Naina home. Pakhi says I will also come with you, lets surprise Lavanya. Girish says Lavanya does not like surprises, so we should avoid it. Pakhi says I will give her a head massage, she will like it. She brings Naina. Girish gets tensed.

Anshuman is choosing his engagement ring with Tanya and Lavanya. Lavanya says Girish’s words and thinks about his proposal. Anshuman asks where is Girish. Lavanya says he went with Naina. Anshuman says I m sorry, you had to stay at home because of us. Pakhi comes to Lavanya’s house with Girish, Bua and Naina. Girish says do you think Ayaan will accept you. Pakhi says yes, he will. Pakhi walks inside the house. Pakhi says Anshuman………….. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi. Tanya looks on.

Pakhi says you said you have an important meeting. Anshuman says I had meeting with Lavanya. He says what a coincidence, Tanya is also here. Bua takes Naina and leaves. Pakhi says Girish told me that Lavanya is not well, she has a headache so I came to give her a head massage. Anshuman says she did not tell me. He says Pakhi’s head massage is really nice, I get relieved, its refreshing. Pakhi smiles. Lavanya says don’t worry Pakhi, I m fine now. She looks at Girish and says I found a solution for it. Pakhi says rings……… Tanya says Lavanya called the jeweller, as she wants to buy a ring for Girish.

Lavanya says yes, and asks Girish to see. Girish makes her wear a ring and holds her hand. Lavanya says the ring not coming out, I will just come. Anshuman says I will drop Pakhi home. Pakhi tells Girish that she is leaving. Maa ji and Sukhi gets dressed like Pakhi and Anshuman. Ayaan smiles. Ayaan teaches them what to do. He says I want you both to fail in hostel’s interview.

Pakhi talks to Anshuman about Tanya. She says Tanya gets everywhere, she was in hotel that day too as if it was decided. Anshuman says do you doubt on her. Pakhi says yes and smiles. He says if the husband is so charming and does not see his wife, then its normal to have a doubt. She takes his car’s keys and asks him to see her with love. He says its so weird. She says I m your wife, its not weird. She insists. He looks at her. She slips and he holds her. Bol dil se……………… plays…………… as they have an eyelock. She says don’t look like this and smiles.

Lavanya and Girish look at each other. Lavanya says what did you do. He says nothing, but love. She argues with him. She tries to get the ring out from her finger and leaves. Ayaan fixed online interview with the hostel’s people. Maa ji and Sukhi are worried as they don’t know english. Ayaan thinks the hostel will reject him seeing them. The laptop is not charged. Pakhi comes and Ayaan is shocked to see her.

Pakhi asks Maa ji to leave. Pakhi scolds Ayaan for making fun of Anshuman. She says I heard everything, don’t lie, look at me, I thought we will be friends. I will not support you in this. Ayaan says what if its your gain. Pakhi stops and looks at him. Ayaan says I know everything, I knwo fi I go to hostel, you will leave home, you have taken this challenge, if you stop me, I will call you mom infront of dad and everyone. He says we will stay in one house but apart. He asks do you accept this deal. Pakhi says no. Ayaan asks her to think again. She leaves.

Lavanya is still trying to remove the ring. Girish looks at her and helps her. He says I understand what you are going through, but can’t see you in this, the decision will be always yours. He leaves. Its night, Pakhi looks a the sky. Anshuman comes to her and looks at the sky. She says Anshuman, I m trying to understand, maybe you can explain me. He asks what. She says if we have to sell the moon, what would be its price. He says its priceless. She asks about air. He says its priceless. She says what about my motherly love. She says Ayaan did a deal, he said if I stop him from going hostel, he will call me mum, he tried to buy my love, is this right.

Anshuman says how did he know about this. She says I don’t know, I only know I have an option but I can’t. I don’t have anything. She says forget everything what I told you. She asks him to take care of Ayaan. She says I won’t be here from tomorrow, I won’t know anything about him. You have to tell me about him. She says I could not become his mum, but he is my son. Anshuman asks why did you do this, why did you not agree to Ayaan. Pakhi says if I agreed to the deal, I would have won the 15 day challenge but would have fell in my and your sight.

Anshuman says you are really nice Pakhi. She looks at him and hugs him crying. Bairi jiya tumpe piya………………. plays……………………. She gives him a diary which she wrote for him and Ayaan. Anshuman says Pakhi, you won’t stop even if I stop you. Pakhi thanks him for supporting her always. She smiles.

Pakhi sees a shooting star and makes a wish. Anshuman looks at her. She asks what did you wish. He says I did not, I got everything without making any wish. She says tomorrow 8pm, I have my train, I will go and sleep now. He asks what did you wish for. She says you. Anshuman is stunned. She says yo for Ayaan and Ayaan for you. Bol dil se…………. plays…………………… She leaves.

Anshuman and Pakhi’s head strike and the sindoor falls on the calender. Pakhi says its a new sign to make a new start. Anshuman and Pakhi have a meeting in the hostel. Pakhi takes Ayaan’s side.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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