Madhubala 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Its next day morning.. RK opens his eyes and sees Madhu trying to keep sleeping! RK asks Madhu why hiding? He says i know ur awake.. so tell me..what is on ur lips like a song?RK says to hurry or Bittu will come and Rishbala do the countdown..! Right then Bittu knocks on the door n Rishbala wake up with a start..! RK says ur steps n my clock moves at same pace! Bittu asks to join for breakfast n RK says go down n eat! RK tells Madhu told u n Bittu asks what? RK says that if u were not there. .i did be gone!

Radha asks Bittu to eat gobi ke parathe and he says aloo ke parathe are great so eating that .. n i will explode! Radha-Bittu lauf! Suddenly someone comes screaming Batukchand ji .. Bittu is stunned..! Radha comes to check on the commotion ..! Security asks her to leave

or they will call cops and the lady says wont go anywhere without calling my Batukchand..! Dips-Sikky come too ..! Radha asks what is this? Sikky asks Bittu if he heard the name Batukchand? He says no. .he asks the lady who she is and she says.. Lelavati Batukchand Sharma… ! Bittu is terrified..! She keeps calling out for Batukchand..! Radha tells her no such person is here..! She says heard the name.. n address sure he is here! She begs Radha to help ..!

RK comes and asks what is going on? Lelavati.. rushes to RK and is shocked..! Sikky asks why is she so happy seeing RK? Dips says..coz RK is like that..once u see u cant stop! Lela says … din have money to buy tickets.. but used to watch while seeing the movie..! She greets Madhu .. n says the movie name Ishq Ek Junoon..! She says how Madhus film helped her believe she will get her hubby back..! Bittu watches terrified from afar..! RK asks who?? Lela goes to show the photo and Bittu tries to hide …!! RK sees its a childhood photo of the duo..! Sikky says this is childhood pic..! Lela says got married when i was 12 and he 14 and he came to city..! Security says.this is drama.. Dips agrees too..! Lela requests RK-Madhu to help her..! Bittu watches pained..! RK asks Bittu why is he so worried? Bittu says am Batukchand and all are shocked..!

Lela falls at Bittus feet and Bittu says not to and says.. am Batukchand but i dun accept this marriage..! Lela is shocked..! Says put sindoor of ur name since childhood… accept it! Sikky says.. use dialogs.. ‘Dus kilo sindoor ki keemat tum kya jano Batukchand ji?’ RK fumes on Sikky ..! Lela asks Bittu to accept the marriage or she will give up her life..! Madhu intervenes n says.. first rest a bit.. we will sort things out..! Madhu leads her to the guest room..! RK calls Bittu aside..!! Bittu tells RK how he was forced to get married as a child..! He says how his parents passed away and he came to the city to become hero… n in time became RKs manager…!! Bittu says feeling strange . .n help me out of this! Lela tells Madhu that she was a child when she got married.. n now in her senses … she came as Bittus wife. .but he refused..! Madhu says.. Bittu is a great guy ..! Lela asks then why refuse this? RK asks Bittu to relax…! RK asks Bittu to leave it to him to solve it..! Bittu says Lela is all alone has no one with her..! Madhu asks Bittu to let RK work it out..! She asks RK what he thot and RK says. .give her money n Madhu asks what? RK says.. marriage was in childhood..n Bittu doesnt remember! Madhu says he has to accept it..! Bittu says no .. n RK says. .he doesnt want to! Rishbala crib about being right or wrong..! Madhu asks what would RK do in this situation? RK says run off n Madhu says will catch u..!

Part 2

Rishbala bicker and Bittu asks them to quieten down n says. .am in this mess. .n wonder what will happen to the girl..! Madhu says finally n RK says .. u r taking a wrong decision n u will end up like me! Madhu fumes! RK says.. maybe there is someone in his life..! Madhu asks who? RK says. .someone! Madhu asks who?? RK asks Bittu who? Radha says.. Bittu is alone . n was missing Lela..! Radha asks him why behaving like this? Its a relation formed by their parents.. n he should honor it..! Radha says.. consider u family Bittu. .ur like my son.. n if my son did this. .wuld tell him the same! Madhu smirks at RK..! Lela comes ..!

Part 3

Lela asks Bittu to accept it and Bittu nods..! Lela falls at Bittus feet and Bittu says dun do this! Ma is right.. ! RK says..congrats.. a second back u were azad parinda and now.. ur pattu caught in prison! Madhu asks why u too? RK says why using my lines on me? Radha says will have a lavish wedding for them! Madhu asks RK ? RK says.. yes.. jab Bittu ji ka band baj gaya hai as in wedding fixed we will both dance at their wedding! Radha says.. yes..!! Madhu asks Lela to keep Bittu ready! RK says wedding in 5 star hotel! Lela is shocked! Madhu says we will make all arrangements.!Dips asks who will make the preps .. Sikky? Sikky says yes..! Madhu says.. go ahead will go get Lela decked up..!!

Precap — Bittu-Lela get married ..! Rishbala watch smiling..! Suddenly Madhu feels dizzy and is about to fall..! RK calls out to Madhu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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