Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani getting ready to go to party while the song do dil bandhe ek dori se plays in the BG. She asks Raghu, whether he is ready. Raghu comes out and looks dashing in suit. Shivani looks at him and smiles. Raghu asks babyji, it is not looking nice naa and says he will change it. Shivani says she didn’t know that he looks good in formal suit. She says you are looking handsome. Raghu take out the tie. Shivani says she will make him wear. She makes him wear the tie. Raghu feels shy and uncomfortable. Shivani praises him again.

Abhi tells his goons to meet him at highway and from there they will go to Jaipur. Abhi asks someone probably the lawyer, and asks him to get the property papers of Shivani ready. Lawyer says it is in Raghu’s name. Abhi asks him to get the papers ready as he is coming to take it. He tells himself that everything is fair in love and war, love is nowhere now, lets the war be there.

Raghu and Shivani comes to the party hall. Shivani asks Raghu to sit with her. Shivani looks gorgeous in black saree. Someone announces a special dance for the couples. Shivani asks Raghu to come with her to the dance floor. Raghu says he can’t dance. She forcibly takes him to the dance floor, while Raghu keeps on saying that he don’t know how to dance. Raghu says he really don’t know how to dance. Shivani says she will teach him and asks him to give his hand to her. She starts dancing with him on the song sayyara main sayyara……..sitaron ke jahan me…….milenge hum dubara………..Raghu feels something for Shivani and gets deeply involved in dance. Both of them, dances so passionately and looks at each other. Everyone claps.

Goon’s tells each other, what Shivani saw in servant, that she married him. Abhi gets angry and asks them to stop the nonsense. He makes it clear that their target is Raghu and Shivani should not get a single scar.

Raghu asks her to go to her room as it is late at night. Shivani says she is enjoying well and let her enjoy this moment. She says she is very happy and asks Raghu to sit. She says she wants to live this beautiful moment. She says I am in profit by marrying you, I saw a new life so closely, I came to know what is family. And I got a good and honest friend like you. Raghu is silent. She says she can shout aloud and says Raghu is her good and honest friend. Raghu says everyone must be sleeping now in the hotel and asks her to go to her room. She says I know you can do anything for me. She asks Raghu, why he is always in serious mood. Raghu says it is not like that. Shivani says you will laugh soon. Raghu asks how? she starts tickling him and he runs from her. Shivani laughs and run after him.

Daaju thinks about Baburaam’s words that Shivani doesn’t want to have any relation with him after whatever he has done with Raghu and Shivani, and they had went on a honeymoon. Daaju thinks how can Shivani go on a honeymoon and says I can’t think like that about Shivani.

While Shivani and Raghu are outside their resort, some goons comes in a car and fires at Raghu. Raghu gets bullet on the chest and he falls on the ground. ( Shivani’s gets this dream).

Shivani wakes up from the dream and hugs Raghu tightly. Raghu asks what happened? Shivani says until when we will hide. We have to get the solution for Daaju’s anger. Raghu asks her not to worry as everything will be alright. He says if we do something then may be things gets worse. Raghu tells her that they thought to take her to see Jaipur. He says he will show her Jaipur, Shivani says ok, I will come. Raghu asks her to get ready and he will do the arrangements.

Panna tai comes to Daaju and asks him to have food as he has to take the medicines. Daaju thinks about Mahima’s words and how Panna tai was about to say something. Daaju asks her, you said Shivani called him and seems worried. Panna tai says she was worried as someone said that you have sent the goons to kill Raghu. Panna tai says they might have went getting feared. She asks him to decide after a lot of thinking. Daaju says he did a mistake by not trusting Shivani and he can’t do another mistake by letting her go far from him. He says he will call Baburaam and try to know about the truth.

Meanwhile Goons enquires on the reception about Raghu. Waiters tells them that they went outside. Raghu tells Shivani that he forgot the keys and he will get it. Shivani says she will wait for him here. Goons comes there and sees Shivani. Raghu comes and doesn’t find Shivani. He searches for her and finds a note in which it is written that Shivani is with them and asks him to come to some godown. Raghu is tensed.

Jazz shows the will to Mahima. Mahima thinks that Daaju shall sign these papers and their problems will go then. Daaju comes to them and says he talked to Panna tai. He asks Jazz to call Baburaam as he wants to talk to him. Jazz asks why you want to meet him. Daaju says he works with money and he will tell us about Raghu and Shivani’s whereabouts. Mahima says what is the need to do so.

Mahima says Shivani and Raghu are on their honeymoon and it means they have accepted the relation of husband of wife. She asks will you accept Raghu as the son in law of this house. Jazz says it is about our respect. Daaju says it was his mistake as he trusted Abhi and asks them to call Baburaam as soon as possible. Jazz thinks they are trapped and says it seems he will accept Shivani and Raghu. He asks Mahima, what they will do now.

Shivani cries while in the custody of the goons. She cries and wonders where is Raghu? Just then Abhi comes, Shivani turns around to see him and thinks he is Daaju. Shivani says how can you do this Daaju, You was my ideal but now you has fallen down in my eyes. She cries again. She is shocked to see Abhimanyu there and asks you? Abhi says yes, me…… your to be husband, whom you left for a servant. Meanwhile Raghu reaches there and shouts Babyji. Some goons comes and Raghu fights with them. But they gets hold on Raghu. Abhi says you trusted me before and now you did a same mistake. Shivani says he is a bad person and asks what does he wants? Abhi says his game isn’t over yet and shows her Daaju’s property papers. He says he needs Raghu’s signatures on these papers as according to the will, property is in Raghu’s name. Then he will get the property on his name then. Shivani says Raghu won’t do this, never. Abhi says let him come first. And says I think you don’t want Raghu to die and he also don’t want to see you die, so he will sign for sure. Shivani is tensed.

Shivani tells him that he will get nothing. Raghu is taken there by the goons. Abhi says let’s do the work first and asks him to sign on the papers. Raghu asks what is this? Abhi says it is property transfer papers as you are an owner of Balwant Rana’s property and you will transfer your property on my name. Raghu is shocked and tells him that Malik saa is angry on them and he might have change the will by now. Abhi says this is the tragedy, as he didn’t change the will. He is worried about Shivani and he forgave you both. He is emotional fool. Shivani says Daaju forgave me and I thought him wrong. She says it is happening because of you and cries. Abhi asks her to stop her emotional drama and asks Raghu to sign on the papers. Raghu declines to sign. Abhi asks his goons to beat him. Shivani begs Abhi to leave Raghu. She cries.

Raghu’s mom feels something bad is happening with Raghu. Bella says he is not here. Maa says she wants to talk to him. Baburaam says money is needed to make a call. Bella and Gini requests him to make a call. Baburaam says that you are step mom and not his real mom. Bella and Gini asks Baburaam to call Raghu.

Shivani folds her hands and tells abhi to leave Raghu. She says please don’t beat him. Abhi says you are feeling pain for a servant. And says he is happy seeing them in pain and asks his goons to beat him. Shivani tells Raghu will sign on the papers, Abhi laughs and gives the papers.

Abhi gives her paper and pen and asks her to take Raghu’s sign. She goes to him and requests him to sign. Raghu says he won’t sign. Shivani tells him that her property is not more than his life. Raghu looks at her. Shivani asks him to sign for her sake while the title song plays. Abhi and his goons starts laughing. Raghu is about to sign but pushes the goons and runs with Shivani. They hides in the godown, meanwhile goons are searching for them. Raghu phone rings and he gets tensed. Abhi hears the voice and turns around. While Raghu and Shivani are tensed.

Raghu’s maa calls Ranaji and informs him that she wants to say something about Shivani and Raghu. She says their life is in danger and requests him to save them. Ranaji is shocked and drops the glass from his hand. Meanwhile bullet is fired somewhere, Raghu holds Shivani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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