Madhubala 28th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 28th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips monitors the preps and self thot thank God Radha briefed me in advance ..!

Madhu is walking down the stairs looking lost and comes to greet the team of Mehul and crew..!

Roma teases Dips as Mehuls could have been heroine..!

Pabho asks Madhu why so worried ..all well? RK says whose hubby is RK..nothing bad can happen in her life..! RK says Ganpati Bappa came at our home and its Mahurat of movie! RK teases Mehul saying.. woh aaye hamare dar pe…n then asks for heroine..

Right then Simmy is about to enter..and her mom tells her to fall at RKs feet! As Simmy enters.. Sikky says.. Kuku she is the heroine …

Simmys mom falls at RKs feet seeking forgiveness and RK is shocked..

RK introes Simmy to all as his movies heroine..! He introes his family to Simmy calling Kuku parasite.. then his mom ..n Madhu ..! Simmys mom says she looks like hindi film heroine..! She says if not Simmy, RK would have made Madhu a heroine..! Madhu tenses n RK says.. Bappa is waiting ..!

Simmy says hungry and her mom says eat after retirement..!

Pabho worries why Guruji is taking so long..! Sikky asks Kuku what plans? Kuku gives him a gift packet and says to exchange with Simmys gift packet! Dips almost catches Sikky but he averts in time!

Simmy is about to leave and Bittu gives the gift packet to Simmy

Madhu asks RK why sneaking from other door? RK says.. coz Simmy n her mom are bees… and Madhu says she is ur heroine… ! RK says. .Bappa tell Madhu .. ‘Woh meri Biwi hai.. uss heroine ki bua nahi’ ..! RK reminds of last year and Madhu sulks… RK says where u found this antique piece?

Part 2

The aarti is underway …all pray with full dedication …

Kuku informs Amar that the gift packet has been delivered to Simmy and Amar says good … ! Kuku asks whats in it? Amar says.. muhurat will be there.. bank manager will come ..but heroine..

Part 3

Madhu prays that may Bappa support RK in his fight to beat the wrong doers..! The duo take blessings of all elders!

RK invites all to attend the muhurat…and invites Kuku as well…!! All clap ..!

Precap — Mehul asks Madhu what he can say to make her agree? Madhu says lemme go! Mehul says.. when she came to ask him to make the movie..he said no but she din relent..! He says .. can only request u .. and the one who can force her.. RK .he wants to ask her but his love for her is stopping him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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