Meri Bhabhi 28th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 28th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 28th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal saying he got that earring when he had a fight with Bobby. Shraddha says you would have returned it to me. Kunal says I did not know it was yours. He makes excuses. Shraddha gets furious. She says I m asking you something. Kunal says don’t tell this to mummy. Kamini comes with jaya and taunts Shraddha. She says you should leave now. Kittu comes and asks what happened. Kamini says I was saying how long will she be with Kunal, she can be with us too. jaya tells Kunal that you are getting married now, it won’t look that you are with Shraddha. Shraddha cries.

Kunal feels bad. Kamini says bad things to Shraddha. Shraddha leaves and Kittu says what did you do, you should have not done this. Kunal says yes, you prolonged the issue. jaya goes after Shraddha. Kamini scolds Kunal and Kittu and says get my point that this won’t happen in my house. Kamini leaves. Purshottam calls Papa and asks Papa and everyone to come over for Mata ki Chowki. Papa says we will surely come. Mummy calls everyone for lunch. Papa comes and says they got the invitation at Kittu’s home. Papa likes Mummy’s hand made food. Everyone like the food. Ishaan jokes on jaya. Ashish gets annoyed.

Ashish gets angry and Anand reacts to it. Ashish leaves the food and leaves. Papa says its Ashish’s mistake. Kittu calls Papa and says bring clothes for Shraddha and jaya as they will be here with us. Kamini asks Kittu whats all this. Kittu asks what. Kamini says you still stopped Shraddha here, she is shameless to stay here. Kittu says why do you think about her like this. Kamini says its Shraddha’s mistake. Kittu says I had sent her to Kunal’s room. She says tell me whats going on in your mind. Kamini says I don’t want any hurdle in Kunal’s engagement. Kittu says nothing will happen. Kamini says it won’t keep happening fine everytime, she says you will be responsible for everything. Kittu says fine. Kamini smiles.

Mummy asks Papa to wear Kurta Pyjama. Ishaan and Anand crack jokes. Mummy asks where is Ashish. Ashish comes and says I don’t want to go there. Anand asks why. Ashish says my mood is upset. Mummy says make up your mood, lets go, we got a chance to go to Mata ki chowki. Ashish says I don’t care what others say but what my family says. Anand says are you still annoyed. Ashish says I m not talking about you. Papa comes and asks Ashish are you not ready. Ishaan says he is not in a mood. Papa insists and asks him to come.

Kamini, Kittu and Shraddha are doing the arrangements of Mata Ki chowki. Kamini asks Kunal to get ready. Kunal jokes with her. She says your to be in laws are coming, get ready soon. Kunal smiles. Kamini sees Shraddha and asks Kittu is the work over. Kittu says its Shraddha who is helping me. Kamini says its good that you stopped here, you helped Kittu. Kamini asks where is jaya. Dhruv says she is resting in your room. Kittu laughs. Kamini calls jaya. jaya asks what happened. Kamini says everyone are working, can’t you help them. jaya says I m not well. Kittu and Shraddha laugh seeing her. Kamini says do some work. Kamini asks jaya to make laddus. jaya says how many. Kamini says 200. jaya is shocked.

Kittu asks Shraddha to bring flowers from Kunal’s room. Shraddha comes to Kunal’s room and knocks the door. Shraddha sees Kunal coming from bath. She says you, here, suddenly. He says its my room, I can roam any way I want. She says I knocked the door. Kunal covers himself with a blanket. He apologizes on Kamini’s behalf. Shraddha says its ok. Shraddha calls him Besharam…. and leaves. Kamini and jaya see Kittu and Shraddha laughing. jaya tries to add some spice. Kittu says see what I do. Kamini asks Shraddha to…. Kittu comes and Kamini stops saying. Kittu asks what do you want mum, Kamini says nothing. Dhruv comes and says I will go to Kunal uncle. Kamini is annoyed. jaya says why did you not tell anything. Kamini says Kittu is always praising Shraddha. Purshottam jokes.

He says I have some news. He says Shankar sahini, the singer is coming in our Mata ki Chowki. Kamini gets happy. The guests start coming. Shraddha’s family comes and take Lord’s blessings. Anand greets Kamini and Purshottam. Kittu says Anand that he is looking fine. She asks him to praise her. He says I can’t lie and jokes. He then signs you are looking pretty. Kittu smiles. The girl’s family comes and the girl Aashka greets Kamini. jaya meets Ashish and asks how am I looking. She asks him why are you upset, did anyone tell you. He says will tell you later. Mummy tells jaya she is looking nice. Mummy sees Shraddha and says you are looking beautiful. Shraddha says was there any problem at home. Dhruv meets Papa and says he enjoyed a lot with Kunal. Papa laughs.

jaya takes photo with Ashish. Kamini asks Kunal and his to be wife to do the puja. Kunal asks why. Kamini says don’t say no. Kunal and Aashka does the puja. The sindoor falls. Kamini is tensed. She tells Aashka you should have been careful. Aashka says sorry. The pandit asks everyone to do the puja one by one. Anand and Kittu does next, followed by Ashish and jaya. Kittu asks Shraddha to do the puja. Kamini looks on and says the pandit asked the couples to do the puja. Kittu says anyone can take the blessings. The girl’s family thinks why is Shraddha not doing the puja. Shraddha does the puja with Dhruv. Shraddha stands by Kunal’s side. Kunal smiles. Kittu asks Ishaan too to do the puja.

Dhruv goes to Kunal and his kurta’s button falls. Aashka’s mum says Kunal loves Dhruv a lot. Kamini sees Dhruv breaking Kunal’s button and asks him to leave. She scolds Kunal and says whats this, why are you always with Dhruv, he broke your button before the function started. Kunal says it does not matter. Dhruv asks Shraddha to stitch Kunal’s button as Kamini is scolding him. Shraddha is tensed.

Dhruv brings Shraddha to Kunal and tells him that my mum will stitch the button. Kunal looks at Shraddha. Shraddha says I will do it and he says sure, but will you attack me. Shraddha says won’t you stop joking. He says whats wrong in joking. She attaches the button. Kunal smiles. The singer Shankar Sahini starts singing the devotional song and everyone does the jagran. Aashka’s mum asks where is Kunal. Kamini says I will go and see. Kamini is walking towards Kunal’s room. Kamini is taken back by Mummy. Kunal says you have done well. He thanks her and says the pin is hurting me. Shraddha says you decide whether you want it or not. Kunal jokes and Shraddha has a laugh.

Kamini is waiting for Kunal and sees Kunal coming with Shraddha having a laugh. she gets angry. Kamini stops Shraddha. Kunal asks what happened. Kamini asks him to sit with Aashka and she needs to talk to Shraddha. Kittu sees them and comes and asks Kamini what happened. Kamini says nothing. Shraddha says I will just come. Kunal asks Kamini why did you make you sit with Aashka.

Kittu dances and her dupatta catches fire. Everyone are clapping closing their eyes. Kittu does not see the fire. Shraddha sees and shouts Kittu…. She runs and tries to extinguish the fire. Kittu does not see even now. Everyone see them and are shocked. Shraddha faints and Kunal takes her in his arms. Kamini gets angry. Everyone looks on.

Aashka’s mum tells Kamini that like the way Kunal lifted Shraddha is his arms, they did not like it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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