Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st January 2014 Written Update

Shivani is crying looking at Daju’s photo. She remembers how they used to celebrate kite flying and still she never learned how to fly kites like Daju. She remembers an incident when Daju was busy flying the kite and she cut the thread from behind and Daju wondered what happened to his kite. She then says how happy moments turn into sad. Raghu comes there with kites. Shivani gets excited, but once she sees Raghu, she gives it back to him. Raghu says he remembers how Shivani likes to fly different colored kites, so he brought them in all colors. Shivani refuses to take them and leaves from there.

Scene shifts to Raghu’s house where ladies are making laddus. Vivek and Baburam come there. Baburam tastes it and praises Lata. He tells everyone that he didn’t really like Lata when he went to see her, but after eating food, he said yes right away. Everyone’s having good time. Rupesh brings tea for everyone. Lata asks why he made, he could have said her. Rupesh says it’s not a problem. He gives it to everyone and in end to Bella. Bella feels very shy. She also asks him why he had to make. Rupesh says it’s a different taste when a husband makes tea and asks her to drink it before it cools down. Bella continues blushing while she drinks it. Lata asks Baburam to bring ghee (butter). Rupesh says let Baburam rest, he will go and get it. He leaves. Lata asks Bella to take money from Baburam and go behind Rupesh. Baburam tells Lata why she’s spoiling his day by wasting money early in morning. He gives it to Bella and Bella leaves. Lata says Bella was looking so happy. Maya says Rupesh brought tea for Bella only, and because of her they all got it as well. She tells Vivek to learn something from Rupesh.

Aunty and Mahima come to a coffee shop to meet someone. Aunty says she has a plan to take money out from Shivani. Someone from an NGO comes there. He tells aunty he likes the idea. Mahima is confused. Aunty tells her that they will make Shivani sign a cheque saying it will go to NGO, but the person from NGO will take 10% and give rest to them. This way Raghu won’t doubt and Shivani will also sign the cheque. Mahima loves the plan as well and she praises aunty’s evil mind.

Rupesh is talking with his mother and says he didn’t come here just like that. He came to take money from Daju’s property. Bella is coming towards him. Rupesh continues from Raghu’s property, Bella’s house will get some as well and he won’t return until he gets something. He turns and finds Bella standing there. Luckily for him, Bella didn’t listen anything. Bella says she came to give money. Rupesh acts how he can take that. Bella says if he doesn’t take then Lata will feel bad. Rupesh takes it. Bella again blushes and tells him to come home once he buys the ghee. She leaves. Rupesh is relieved.

A lady from an orphanage is at Shivani’s house with few girls. Raghu tells the lady that Daju used to donate every year and now Shivani will continue that tradition. Shivani comes there and gives few gifts to all the kids. She then asks a servant to bring kites from her room and gives those to kids as well. Kids ask her if her and Raghu won’t fly the kites. Shivani says no and tells them to fly instead. The lady praises Raghu and tells Shivani that she’s lucky to have such husband who is supporting her so much in continuing Daaju’s tradition. Shivani says in her mind that she is unlucky to have Raghu in her life, but how she can explain that. The lady and kids leave. Shivani turns and looks at Raghu.

Precap: Shivani asks Raghu to sign a cheque. Raghu asks what is that for. Shivani tells him not to spoil her mood and sign it without questioning. Raghu apologizes and says he won’t until he knows where money is going. Shivani is shocked.

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