Uttaran 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st January 2014 Written Update

Meethi closes the cupboard and is about to go when she can hear the vibration sound. She opens the cupboard to check while Ambika is watching her from outside. Meethi finally finds the phone. She realises it to be Akash’s phone. But what’s it doing here? She recalls Ambika’s words that it might be someone who wants to hurt her. she thinks if its Maiyya. Meanwhile, Ambika outside is happy that her plan worked. Now even God wont be able to save MIL. She comes inside while talking to her that she has been waiting for her. Meethi shows her Akash’s phone. Ambika also checks the phone. It is indeed jeth ji’s (Akash’s). I told you it is all MIL’s planning. Meethi gets thinking and Ambika is enjoying. She narrates all the incidents that happened in Shimla (snakes, accident, messages). They all point towards the culprit. But I don’t understand why would she be doing all this? She is certainly having some enmity with you. Meethi says I thought Maiyya would have changed, she would have forgotten everything but no! She tells everything (what all happened in Aatishgarh) to Ambika in mute. Ambika acts shocked. I never thought she would be like this. What will you do now? meethi is clueless. I still cannot believe Maiyya can do this. How can she stoop down so low! What if Akash comes to know about it? Ambika denies. We women come to our in-laws house after leaving our family behind. This way it will create rift between the mother and son….everyone will blame us only. Plus what if we tell our husbands and instead they retort at us only. It would be good if we catch her red handed. Meethi is confused. Ambika has a plan. She tells it to Meethi in mute. Ambika is content with her plan.

Mukku in her office is happy thinking how much Akash takes care of Meethi. shall I too get a new dress? She browses online and likes one dress. Yuvi happens to come there just then and watches her talking excitedly to herself about the dress. He asks her what she is seeing on the web and she gets up immediately. He looks at the dress which is priced 17k. This dress will look more beautiful on you. Mukku thanks him for the compliments but politely declines. I promised my husband I wont do any shopping till my salary comes. I cannot afford to spend this much for one dress. I would rather choose to book a bike for my husband with that much money. I will wear it when my husband will bring it for me. yuvi agrees. It is good to live in one’s own limits. He gives her a file to give to Mr. Mukherjee. She leaves immediately on his insistence. Yuvi meanwhile orders the dress on Cash on Delivery. This gift will create rift surely. Keep the amount ready.

Vishnu in his house is thinking he will have to tell the truth to Mukta one day. What if she calls at office number some time? Mukku comes there. Why have you put your hand over your head? This indicates that one is in problem. He agrees but doesn’t say it out loud. She offers to massage his head and he obliges. He asks her if someone is lying or maybe hiding the truth so what would that mean to you. She cannot say anything without knowing the reason behind it. If you are doing something like that then there must be a good reason behind that. She tells him about the party. Vishnu is really happy to know about Meethi. she asks him to be home early tomorrow they will go together. He asks her if she has a dress for the party. She nods. I will wear your love and I will be ready. He gets sad thinking he cannot even buy a new dress for Mukta.

Rathore is thinking about the tune which Malvika used to hum. A lady’s voice hums (Heer) in the background and flashes of a woman. He is all lost in the memories. He suddenly wakes up from his dream and looks around for Malvika. Jogi comes to meet him. Why did you call me at this hour? Rathore says I came to know something about my past, my daughter. Jogi thinks it to be Mukta but Rathore corrects him by taking Ambika’s name. Jogi is surprised.

Ambika in her room is looking at the pic of Maiyya with her two sons. She recalls how Maiyya had warned her about not hurting either of her sons. She removes the gold bangle from her hand. You love your sons a lot MIL? She puts the bangle over Akash’s face. Not on Akash right now. one attempt got failed because of Meethi. another attempt should be later. She moves the bangle over Sankrant. Who will save him? He has no Meethi in his life. It is just me who hates him. she makes a cross across his face with her kajal.

Jogi clears it to Rathore that the nurse dint clear it whether the girl was alive or not. rathore agrees. My past is still playing games with me. I am trying to knit the story together. Why shouldn’t I have not known about the baby girl back then? Why now? what to do now? I only know that Chaubey dint have a daughter how come he has a daughter now. What if Ambika turns out to be my daughter? It might be that he wants to punish me by keeping my daughter away from me. jogi doesn’t know what Chaubey wants. But Ambika thinks him to be her dad. Till the time you don’t know the complete truth don’t say anything to her. the past coming in front of anyone like this shakes their whole life. Rathore agrees with him. it would become tough for her right now. I wouldn’t say a word. It is so weird that maybe she is my daughter but I know nothing about her. What kind of a person she is, how she was raised, etc. I can only wish she is a good human being.

Ambika changes Sankrant’s medicines. Instead of throwing them she ties them in her saree to safely keep them at the right place. She is looking at the bottle when Sankrant comes there. Why are you looking at it like this? She gives him his medicine by saying a few sweet words. He is happy to see her so concerned for him. he takes the medicine and goes to freshen up. She thinks I have done all the preps that I wanted to. Everyone will get to see tomorrow what this change of medicine brings.

Precap: Mukku’s dress has come in the office. The delivery guy questions Mukku why she placed the order if she dint have the money in the first place. Mukku denies. I was seeing it but dint place an order. Yuvi is witnessing all this. He calls for Mona and tells her to make the payment by telling the cashier. Vishnu asks Mukku about the dress. She tells him she dint want it but Sir dint let me say anything at all. Vishnu stops her from saying anything further.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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