Beintehaan 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 21st January 2014 Written Update

Zeeshan and his family are leaving and his mother is bad mouthing Aalia’s family when, Ghulam challenges them that his daughter is innocent and she will get married to a far better man. He will get Aalia married before Zeeshan from that very same place. That will the true verdict of the Allah’s justice.

Suraiyya is angry at Zain. She asks him , that when she clearly told him to go away then why did he come back. His behavior shows that he has no regard for her. Zain explains that he had left but noticed that he has forgotten his phone and came for it. Zain accepts that it was wrong of him to enter Aalia’s room in such a way but the allegations that are being put on him and Aalia are far more sinister. He cant believe that he is being blamed. He says that he and Aalia hate each other so much that they cant even stand to even look at each other.

Zeeshan and his family leave and Ghulam suffers a stroke. Everyone hurries to call a doctor, while Usman console Ghulam to take it easy. Ghulam says to Aalia that he believes her. He tells Usman that his Aalia is not like what Zeeshan’s family have made her look but still they couldn’t defend her as the name being linked to her is also part of their family.

Usman and Aalia have a heart to heart chat about how Usman has always considered Aalia like his own child and he has been equally hurt today just like her parents. He questions her if there truly is something between her and Zain and Aalia vehemently denies it. Usman is curious that as to how did all go wrong. Aalia then explains him how her one mistake was made into a joke by Zain and reveals about mistaking Zain as Zeeshan and what all followed with it(in flashbacks).

Aalia says that it was inevitable for the wedding to be called off as they had demanded dowry.
She accepts that she and Zain have been hating and annoying each other since childhood and still do. But this didn’t qualify for him to do what all he did , from playing Zeeshan to calling her his fiance in the police station. Zain comes there and says that it was necessary to call her his fiance or else they would have spend the whole night in the police station , everything has gone wrong because of her. Usman slaps Zain at this moment and is hurt by Zain’s behavior.

Suraiyya comes there to stop Usman but he stops her, saying that today his pride has been shattered and she will not interfere in this matter. He says that Zain has always been his weakness , failed in school, failed in college but he knew that Zain will succeed in life but it didn’t happen. Zain is responsible for Aalia, Ghulam and Shabana’s pain and he will mend his mistakes. Usman says that he has taken a decision and everyone will have to agree to it. Suraiyya tries to stop him but he drags away Zain with him.

Usman takes Zain to the rest of Aalia’s family, who are tending to an ill Ghulam. He says that Zain is the root cause of all their troubles and pain and he will rectify all his mistakes by marrying Aalia right at that moment. Shock all around.

Suariyya is highly agitated with Usman’s ultimatum of a decision and tells him that she is not going to accept this , as she too has a say in Zain’s life as his mother. Usman has been taken into family manipulation. Usman asks her that the kind of humiliation Aalia and the rest of the family have suffered, Aalia’s broken marriage, all this cant be termed as manipulation and the reason behind all wrong is Zain. Suraiyya defends Zain by saying that it was Aalia’s fault to mistake Zain as Zeeshan , Zain himself didn’t come up with this idea. Usman says that it was Zain’s mistake to stretch this joke. Suraiyya says that Zain will never accept this proposal, but Usman simply conveys to her that he has promised Ghulam and Zain will have to agree to it as there is “no other option.”

Zain is sitting thinking about all that Aalia and Usman have said to him. Usman comes there and Zain says that Usman has never raised his hand on him in all his 24 years but today because of Aalia he did it. It was her mistake that she thought him as Zeeshan. He agrees that he played a prank on her but it was all a joke. Usman tells him that there is limit, time and place for it and he can clearly see what his joke has done.

Aalia is telling Shabana that its not a competition that she has to get married before Zeeshan to whoever comes around. Shabana says that Zain is no outsider.

Zain is asking Usman why is it necessary for him to marry Aalia. They will stay in Bhopal for some more days and find a nice guy for Aalia. Usman says that there is no guarantee that they will get a nice guy and Zain says that they can’t guarantee this for any guy in this world that, he will keep Aalia happy always. But Usman says he can take the guarantee of one such guy and that is his beloved(son).

Shabana tries to make Aalia see sense that Usman himself offered this solution and they cant disrespect him by denying. Aalia says that its her wedding, shouldn’t she have a choice. Relationships are not a replaceable entity, that her marriage broke in a moment and she ties herself for another.
She is not ready to get married at this moment. And nothing monumental has happened, they asked for dowry and she disagreed to get married. But Shabana explains her that its a big thing in a small place like Bhopal and the kind of rumors Zeeshan’s family might have spread, no one would agree to get her married into their family. Aalia says that, then she will not get married but Shabana is worried about her daughter’s future. Aalia says that for making things right, she wouldn’t take a wrong discussion and that too marrying Zain, because of whom all this has happened, everyone disgraced her and if she marries him all the allegations will be considered as good as true.


Precap: Zain says that he does not want to get married. Aalia agrees to the same. He asks her tell Ghulam that she disagrees to this relation and Ghulam will convince Usman somehow. Aalia accepts this and they shake hands.

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