Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani’s conversation with Raghu on the phone and she wishes for her happiness in life. She disconnects the call. Meghna comes and asks Shivani to come. Raghu still searches for Shivani and thinks to check on the car. He runs but sees the car going. Raghu comes back and says thanks to the manager for keeping Nishi. Nishi asks why you didn’t brought her here? Raghu says she will come surely. Raghu comes home with Nishi. Bella asks Nishi, why Raghu is upset. Nishi tells her that she saw babyji mamiji in white car and then we couldn’t find her. Meghna calls Panna tai and says Shivani is at her home and asks Panna tai to meet her once. Raghu looks at his watch which was gifted by Shivani and gets emotional.

Bella comes and tells him that you were searching babyji. Why you are running after her. She should take up her responsibility. why don’t you understand your responsibility towards us and yourself. You are forgetting everything for her. Raghu says babyji is my responsibility. Malik saa asked me to take care of her and until I am alive I will look after her. She says Shivani left you midway and gave tears and a long wait. She says, please take care of yourself and come out of her magical trap. Raghu is tensed.

Sunanda insults Shivani again and says you brought 200 Rs worth of earrings with meghna’s money. She says, don’t you feel ashamed and didn’t have any self respect. You are using her. Shivani says she didn’t know anything and she didn’t ask Meghna to buy anything for her. Sunanda says you married a servant but your dreams are big and it can’t die. You don’t have money to fulfill your dreams and that’s why you are sucking our blood.

Baburaam is lying sitting on the bed worried. Latha asked what happened, if he had a fight with anybody. He asks her to shut up and not to pester him as he is having headache. She goes to kitchen to prepare tea for him. He says to himself with tea his loan problem won’t solve. He thinks if anything happens to him, what will happen to his family. In the next scene, Shivani is shown hugging Panna tai and crying saying for just 200 rs why Sunanda insulted her. Panna tai tries to console her. She advises Shivani to return back to Raghu. If someone is there after Malik saa who cares about Shivani’s happiness is Raghu. Shivani says that she is his big problem, he just cares about her and is getting away from his family. She cannot make Raghu suffer for her happiness. She has taken this decision after much thoughts. She asks Panna tai to promise her not to reveal Raghu that she is living with Meghna. She says Meghna has suggested to take a job. She has even arranged an interview with a company, but she does not know anything and how will she do all this. Pannatai says Shivani was very good at childhood. Malik saa was very proud of Shivani and used to praise her in front of everyone. She assures Shivani that she will succeed in whatever she does and gives her Ashirwaad. Shivani thanks Panna tai and hugs her again.

Mahima asks Jazz why he is upset and whose phone it was. He says don’t know what is in Abhimanyu’s brain. Abhimanyu was telling “Will” is in locker and he cannot take it out because of holidays. Jazz thinks if Abhimanyu is fooling him. Mahima says something must be there as Abimanyu should be in a hurry to sign a deal than them. He knows that without signing a will, resort’s deal won’t be finalized, then why is he delaying to bring the will. She says Jazz to relax and be patient.

Shivani is talking to herself very much worried if she will be able to do the job or not, if her decision is right or not. Raghu comes to her and says not to worry. He says whenever there were exams, she used to worry like this but used to get good marks. Shivani says exams are different, but this is like her life’s exam. First Daaju and then you took care of me. She did not need to think or do anything, but now she is feeling alone and does not know what and how to do and she is very much worried. Raghu says who told you are alone, I am there with you and to think about Malik saa always. Malik saa’s good wishes are there with you and to remember Malik saa in these situations. You will find Malik saa with you and help you fight with any problems. She asks promise from Raghu, but Raghu’s is not there, it is her imagination. She thanks Raghu for helping her always. After Daaju’s dead, Raghu helped her a lot. If Raghu would not have been there, she would have died long ago.

Raghu is in his room with her teddies in his hands, thinking about her. Shivani is also thinking about Raghu. Raghu says whether she is here or not, but her place in his house will always be there. He will find her at any cost.

Baburaam comes in front of Goon. Goon catches Baburaam./span>

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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