Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara crying thinking about her love with Raghu. The song Chann se jo tute koi sapna…. jag soona lage….. plays…… in the background. She thinks of Raghu’s words and cries. She comes to her house. She rings the bell and cries. Noor comes out and sees Antara crying. She hugs Antara and asks where were you the whole night, we looked out for you. She sees the sindoor in Antara’s maang and says you married Raghu, have forgiven him? Antara says no, I can’t forgive Raghu. Noor asks whom did you marry. Antara says Sahib. Rasika tells Maai Antara trapped Satya. She says she called Raghu a killer and married Satya the same night.

Manohar tells Maai that I can see that Antara is after this haveli. He says she trapped Satya, see she will rule in this house. Rasika says will she take Maai’s place. Maai says first she should get place in this house. Antara tells Noor she has many questions but no answers. She talks about her dad and her mum waiting for her dad. She says I loved Raghu so much and he is responsible for all this, why. Ruksana says you have to get the answers, as Raghu’s life is linked with you. Antara says no, it was, but not now. She says the person who does not care about anyone’s life. She says ask Raghu why he cheated me. Ruksana says you should have asked him, but you told him your decision.

Noor says now we know everything. Noor says you won’t be able to forget Raghu ever. Ruksana says she still loves Raghu, look at her, she is crying. Antara thinks about Raghu’s words. She says I don’t want to forget anything, I promised to myself that I will hate him. She tells Noor that she wants to meet her mum. Noor says meet her but what will you tell her about the sindoor. Noor says Antara, meet her after some time, not now. Antara agrees and says ok I will leave now.

Antara says I will go my home now. Noor cries and says I m unable to do anything for you. Antara asks Noor to pray for her. MachMach confronts Antara and asks why did you do this. Rasika throws Antara’s belongings outside the house. Antara is shocked to see her bag and says its mine, why are you throwing it outside. Everyone are shocked. Antara says I did not understand whats going on. Maai comes there and says I will explain you.

Maai says first mistake is you blamed Raghu for your dad’s death, your second mistake is you broke the marriage which I decided and third mistake you married Satya. Everyone looks at Maai. Maai says you can’t be my bahu, I won’t accept you as my bahu. Maai asks her not to come in her haveli ever again. People gossip about this. Antara says listen to me Maai. Maai asks her to stay out and say we will kick you out if you come inside the house. Rasika and Manohar smiles.

Antara says where will I go, I married your son. Maai says marriage, which marriage, who is the witness of your marriage. Raghu comes there. Maai taunts Antara and says you don’t even a mangalsutra. Maai scolds Antara and says I was bringing in this house because of Raghu, but I won’t accept you now as my bahu. Raghu hears this. Maai looks at Raghu and controls her anger. Maai says I will give you another chance because of my son Raghu, I will give you Kashmir’s ticket, go from this locality, else I will…. Satya comes and asks what will you do mum.

Satya says let me see what my mum does with my wife. He says it will be worth seeing how you welcome her. Maai says Sahib, good kids if makes a mistake at night, forgets in the morning, Antara can’t be my bahu. Satya says I won’t hear a work against my wife.

Satya says give Antara respect. He says I m the witness of our marriage. Raghu is upset. He says I married Antara holding Antara’s hand. He says I took the rounds around the fire with her. Raghu looks at them holding hands. Satya says did you get the proof now, or do you still want to know more. People look at this drama. Satya says do the preparations of Grah Pravesh. Satya says Antara will enter this house or I will go back to London for always with my wife. He says then you be here with your fav son Raghu. He asks Rasika to welcome Antara. Maai signs Rasika to do so. Rasika leaves. Satya taunts Raghu and says you have whats yours and I have whats mine.

Raghu cries. Satya smiles and Maai welcomes Antara doing the rituals. Satya stands with Antara while Raghu looks on. Maai does their tilak and Aarti. Maai asks them to come inside. Antara hits the kalash and enters the house. Satya looks at Raghu and smiles. Raghu leaves. Maai is angry on Antara.

Satya tells Antara you should have not touched Raghu, now I will break my promise.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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