Pavitra Rishta 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren getting hyper and saying that Ahana will have accident. Some guys are holding him. Naren says just leave me and let me go. Car is very near to Ahana. Rushaali asks the doctor to give injection to him. He gets stable after sometime. Rushaali tells the employees not to tell this to anyone. She asks Doctor, what is happening. He got attacks every week. Doctor says you should take care of him. And you send him to office. He needs a treatment. He needs a complete rest. Rushaali says you know very well that we have tried everything.

Rushaali comes back to Ankita and says Naren is eager to know about her decision. It is yes for his side. Ankita says she needs time to think about it.. Rushaali says she likes that and says if it is yes from her side then the marriage will happen soon. Ankita is sitting somewhere and recalling Rushaali’s proposal for Naren. She recalls about Shashank’s words that he won’t marry anyone else except her. Shashank comes there and thinks he proposed her here only and thinks she will say yes. Shashank asks, why you called me here? Ankita says she is ready to marry him.

Shashank says, you love me as I love you very much. Ankita says I wants to marry tonight if you are okay with it. Shashank asks but why? Ankita says she is helpess and have to marry today. Shashank says he is okay with it. Ankita says she wants to meet his aayi and baba now.

Raunaq says Ankita and Naren’s marriage is impossible. You hided everything from the world but did you told her about Naren. She is from the poor house but she can’t be manipulated by you. She won’t marry a mad man. Rushaali asks him to talk with respect. Raunaq says I am only wrong and asks her to tell Ankita about the Naren’s truth. He says when Ankita will know about it, she will run away. Rushaali says she is not the kind who will run away. Rushaali says she will agree for marriage.

Shashank and Ankita comes to Shashank’s house. His father welcomes them. Shashank says he wants to talk to them and says they wants to get marry tonight. His aayi says, when it was decided? Shashank says just today. and says we are getting married today. His aayi says, so many things needs to be clear for her. Shashank says you likes Mansi but I likes Ankita. His aayi asks, where will her siblings stay after her marriage. She says she don’t have any problems if her siblings stays at their place. She asks, what is Ankita’s helplessness? Ankita says she can’t tell her and says her siblings will stay with her else Shashank will reside with us. His aayi asks, whether you will snatch my Shashank. Ankita says my siblings will stay with us. Shashank says he is ready to take up the responsibility. His aayi says what will happen if you go and stay with her. Who will look after us? Shashank says he will fulfill his son’s duty too and will get a another job. His aayi argues that the expenses will always be more.

Ankita says you are saying right. I am a mountain of responsibilities and I can’t step out of my responsibility. She says I am not the right girl for him but I want to marry him as he supported me always. He knows me very well and that’s why I wants to marry him. If you don’t accept this relation then I won’t marry Shashank. She asks for their decision? His parents stays mum. Ankita says it is no from their side and tells Shashank that someone wants to take up my responsibilities and his family also are ok with it. Shashank is shocked and gets tears in his eyes. She says she is going to marry that guy. She says she is going to say yes. Shashank says you took me here to tell this. His aayi badmouths about Ankita. Ankita says she is ready to marry him but not without their consent. She tells Shashank that she is not the right girl for him and his family. She says Mansi is the right girl for you. You marry her and I have to marry someone else for my siblings betterment. Shashank says you are sacrificing for your family. She apologize and asks him to understand. Shashank says don’t you love me?

She says some person don’t have a right to love anyone. She says she wants her siblings to be happy and asks him to marry Mansi. He leaves. His aayi asks him to marry Mansi. Shashank says she declined to marry me infront of you as she couldn’t say me. She is Ankita and you can’t understand her. She loves only me in her life. I lost my love and a good girl. He thanks her aayi. Ankita is on the road and recalls Shashank’s words. She cries while it is raining heavily. She comes to Rushaali’s house. Rushaali asks her to come inside. Ankita says she is ready for marriage. Rushaali gets happy and says she felt good to hear her yes. Naren is talking to the cactus plant and sees Ahana. He gets happy. Rushaali tells Ankita that the engagement will be tomorrow. She says Naren is very happy. Ankita has tears in her eyes, Naren greets her hi. Ankita nods.

Ankita and Naren engagement ceremony is happening. Arjun smiles. Everyone looks happy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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