Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani shouting and running for help to a passerby car. Two guys get down the car. Seeing them the goons run away. Shivani thanks them for saving her. They ask if she is alright. She says she is fine. They ask what is she doing at the midnight. She says she was going to her friend’s house. They tell they will drop her. She thanks them and gets into their car. Raghu’s tempo is going from behind. Raghu is still searching for Shivani. Shivani on the other side thanks the men helping her again. She gets a call. They ask if it was her boyfriend or husband. She says it is her friend whom she wants to go. They ask about the address. She says the address to them. They ask for landmark. She says she does not know the landmark as she is stepping out of the house for the first time, she just knows the address and asks them to get her to that address.

They take her to a secluded place with cruel intentions. Shivani asks why they stopped here. They say it is a shortcut and ask her to get down from the car and walk with them. Those men try to misbehaves her and she asks them to leave her. Shivani hits them with bricks and runs and hides out. She gets a call from Raghu and picks it. Raghu asks how is she. She informs she is in trouble. He asks where is she? She says she does not know. He gets a train sound. He says it is a building near railway cross line and asks her to stay there until he comes. Meghna calls her in the meanwhile and asks her where she is. Shivani tells her she is in trouble and asks for help. Meanwhile, the goons searching for her see a mobile light and go there. They then think they will get into trouble if somebody sees them and go from there.

Raghu comes near Shivani’s hided out place but finds Shivani not there but sees her anklet. He starts his tempo and starts searching for her again. Shivani is then shown hiding in Raghu’s tempo. She thanks god that she escaped from those goons. She then is mesmerized about where the tempo is going and tries to call Raghu. Raghu’s phone is off and thinks of finding a phone charging place thinking Shivani would be calling her. He picks up Shivani’s anklet in hand while driving and keep searching for Shivani. He sees a PCO and stops his tempo there to call Shivani. Once the tempo is stopped Shivani gets out from the tempo back and runs. Raghu calls Shivani from PCO. Shivani picks the call but gets stuck by a car and fells down unconscious. Raghu keeps calling her, but Shivani’s phone is not reachable. He walks out of the PCO. In the morning. Raghu’s mom Lata comes to Shivani’s room but does not find her. She asks her children if they saw babyji.

Vivek says Raghu is also not seen since morning. a comes and scolds Raghu that he would have taken her out. Raghu’s sister thinks he would have taken her to morning walk. Raghu’s mom gets worried about them and asks Vivek to call them. Raghu comes home. Raghu’s mom asks where he had been in the early morning and asks where is babiji? His younger sister also asks about babyji. Baburam also asks about babyji. Raghu tells his mom that he left babyji to haveli. His mom asks why she went to haveli without informing them. Raghu says it was urgent. Bella tells Raghu they are mad about babyji and roam around her, but babyji showed them her true colors.

Mahima snaches “will” from Baburaam’s hands and tells him that dadaji transformed the will in her and Jazz’s name..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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