Gustakh Dil 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo thinking about Nikhil and smiling. Jab se tere sapno me mere….. song plays…. She hugs the shirt Nikhil wore and she wears it and looks in the mirror. She thinks how Ishaana asked Nikhil to change the shirt. She gets upset. Nikhil and Ishaana are together and he flirts with her. Ishaana says we came here to buy some plants and they choose some. Nikhil suggests some. Ishaana is very choosy and calls Nikhil color blind. She asks Nikhil to be careful as it’s a rose. She gets hurt by that plant and Nikhil overreacts and jokes. A boy comes and hurts Nikhil. He says sorry. Ishaana says your shirt got ruined. Nikhil says its only a shirt, cool. She says gift me two more this valentine.

Nani comes to Barkha and asks are you playing chess with yourself. Barkha talks about Ishaana. She says we have to keep Ishaana and Nikhil together, that he goes away from Lajjo. Nani says Ishaana will make Nikhil realize that Lajjo is not right for him. Nany says we have to be careful, Ishaana should not know that we are using her. Barkha says everything will be solved if Nikhil and Ishaana stays close and we will win the game. Ayesha is talking to Sid on phone and says I made my mum agree. She says I lied to her saying I m going out with Sangeeta. Lajjo hears everything, Ayesha is shocked to see Lajjo.

Ayesha scolds Lajjo for hearing her talk. Lajjo talks to Ayesha and says don’t do this, Sid is not a good guy, don’t go with him. Ayesha says oh really, will you tell me what to do. Lajjo tries to stop Ayesha, but she hurts Lajjo and starts leaving. Ayesha says how dare you take his name, its my life, I will decide with whom I will go. She says my wedding broke, if you do anything again, I won’t leave you. Nikhil comes and asks Ayesha what happened. Ayesha says ask your wife to be away from my life. Lajjo says I was just… Nikhil asks Lajjo not to interfere in Ayesha’s life. Lajjo tries to tell him but Nikhil does not hear her and gets a call and leaves.

Ayesha gets furious on Lajjo. Chacha ji talks to Rishi saying you did the right thing by taking Lajjo to the mall. Rishi is angry on him. Rishi says really, you are telling me this. Chacha ji and Rishi have an argument. Rishi reacts and hurts Chacha ji. Chacha ji says I m happy with what you did. Rishi does not understand Chacha ji and says you have divorce to my mum when she objected to your affair. He says when I m 18, I will leave you and go to my mum. Chacha ji is hurt.

Lajjo thinks about Ayesha’s words. Nikhil comes and Lajjo tries to tell him about Ayesha, but he scolds her and asks her not to interfere in it. Nikhil says Ayesha will go with her friends. Lajjo says yes, I know, this is not the truth. Nikhil says you mean she is lying to all of us. He says listen to me, I know Ayesha is very rude, but it does not mean you react like this. Lajjo thinks what to do and how to stop Ayesha from going with Sid. Nikhil says end this matter now and asks for the pink shirt. She says you did not like it. He says I like it, I changed it as Ishaana is adamant.

He tells her about him and Ishaana and how he made up Ishaana’s mood. Nikhil tells her how his moments with Ishaana. Nikhil gets Ishaana’s call and talks to her. Ishaana calls him to her house urgently. He gets worried. Lajjo looks on. Nikhil says sorry to Lajjo. She makes him do situps. He does happily and Lajjo smiles. Nikhil leaves. Lajjo is tensed thinking about Ayesha and how to stop her. Lajjo thinks of something. Barkha comes to Samrat Chacha ji and asks him is anything serious. He says nothing new. Barkha says Rishi again. She pacifies him saying close this chapter, taking a final decision. She says its ten years after your divorce and you are still single. She says I know because of Aparna you faced a lot in your marriage, why don’t you marry her. He says Aparna was not the reason for my divorce.

He says it was my fault. Barkha says you need to move on. He says I have moved on, my kids are my duty, will Rishi accept his step mom. Barkha says we are sacrificing a lot for our kids but they don’t understand us and live their life on their own terms. Barkha talks to Ayesha and permits her to go on the trip. Ayesha is happy. Lajjo is tensed seeing Ayesha.

Lajjo tells Nikhil that Ayesha went with Sid. Nikhil is worried reading about Sid in the newspaper.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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