Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara crying and saying about Raghu to Noor and Ruksana. She asks Ruksana you know Raghu before I knew him. Ruksana says yes. I knoe he accepted his mistake, but talk to him once. Else let me talk to him. Antara thinks about Raghu and her moments and cry. Antara says he would have told me everything but he did not. He had hidden it from me and came closer to me as he thought I will not leave him after it and marry him. Ruksana says your heart has poison in it, how can you think so. Ruksana tries to explain her but Antara does not understand anything and cries. Antara says leave me alone for some time, I want to be alone. Ruksana leaves.

Maai scolds Satya and asks him to go and sleep. Satya leaves. Maai pacifies Raghu and asks him to go and sleep too. Raghu stops Maai holding her hand and asks who might have done this, who told her. Maai says go and sleep now, I promise to find out about this, he won’t be spared who did this. She says everything will be fine, don’t worry. Raghu cries. Raghu comes at the terrace where he sleeps and thinks about Antara’s words. Satya comes to Raghu to taunt him.

He brings wine for him and says you will need this today, take care. Raghu drinks the wine at night and cries. He thinks about Antara’s love for her dad and her anger on him. Noor sees Raghi is calling Antara and asks Ruksana where did Antara go. Ruksana goes to check. They look our for Antara. They get worried and see the door open. Raghu is trying to talk to Antara but in vain. He drinks wine further. Noor says Antara is nowhere. Ruksana says I asked her to talk to Raghu, but Raghu called, it means Anytara is not with him.

Antara comes to the room where she and Raghu united. She thinks of those love moments and cries. Antara shouts and says no, I will ruin everything. She starts throwing things in that room. He burns the room and stands seeing the fire. Satya comes and sees her in fire. Antara looks at him and says what are you doing here. Satya says are you mad, stop this, come to me. She says don’t come to me, stay away, else I will kill myself. Satya stops.

Satya says come out. She says don’t come close to me. Satya lifts her and brings her out of the room. He says what were you doing. She says no one can stop me. Satya says ok, go and die, Raghu wants it. Antara stops. Satya says let Raghu win. He says you fool, this is his victory. He killed your dad, used you and now your mum is waiting for your dad like a mad woman, all this because of Raghu. Antara says what do you mean. Rasika tells Maai that Raghu is drunk. She says its good whatever happened. Rasika says Maai I think, you are the one who can bring Raghu out of all this and leaves. Maai smiles.

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