Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho taking to Sooraj. She says you have made her leave the house and refused to bring her, I did not say anything, its big function in our house after a long time, I want everyone to come, I want to see my family together under one roof, call Sandhya once for my happiness. He says he does not have any complain. Bhabho says Sandhya is very adamant, she won’t come if I call her, you call her and invite. He agrees and calls Sandhya. She applies moisturizes to her hands and the phone drops. He says hello and waits. Sanshya hears his voice and takes the phone. He tells her about Meenakshi’s baby shower function and Bhabho wants her to come, can she come. Sandhya recalls Sooraj’s words.

Sooraj says you can refuse too if you want, I will not force you to come, I will explain Bhabho. Sandhya says I will come, I can’t refuse to Bhabho, I will come for her, if you have objection for my coming there, you can tell me. She says maybe you don’t have the answer, and maybe you don’t want to give. He says no, my happiness is in Bhabho’s happiness, I don’t have any complain. She says she will come and smiles seeing the moon. Tu Sooraj Mai Saanjh………………plays…………….

Sooraj hugs the kurta and smiles looking at the moon. Emily asks Bhabho about keeping nek amount. Bhabho says no, its double happiness this time. Sooraj says we are together sitting after a long time, I m glad seeing Bhabho happy. Mohit comes home in suit and googles. Meenakshi asks what did he do that he came in suit. Mohit brings many shopping bags and smiles. Vikrram asks did he steal from any locker. Mohit says no, but I got a keys for the locker. Bhabho asks what is he saying. Mohit says I got a job. They all get happy and smile.

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Vikram asks how did he get money and gifts if he got job today. Mohit says I got advance as its very big company. Meenakshi and Vikram get jealous. Mohit says so that employees wear good clothes, I bought for myself and you all. Sooraj says its good, and tells Bhabho that Mohit got the job. Vikram asks Mohit will he also get a job in this company. Mohit says its small job for you, you are owner of saree shop. Meenakshi smiles asking for a gift, Mohit says I got special gift for you. Meenakshi says I knew this. Mohit gives her an envelop. She gets money in it. He says its Rs 550 and taunts her about Bhabho’s medicines. Emily smiles. Meenakshi signs Vikram and gets angry.

Emily is glad and says my belief in Lord exists again, what happened, are you hiding anything from me, you got the job right. Mohit says Ankur says right, when a man’s time is bad, even loved ones act like strangers. She says Ankur? Where did you get him? He says he gave me this job, its his company, don’t get me wrong, I got this job on my talent, not on greed, he said ic an refuse for this job, and he will not send Sandhya back even if our family wants. Emily asks what will happen if our family knows this. He says they changed color seeing gifts, they always taunt me, the world belongs to rich, if I refuse this job, there are many to take it, I got love and respect, and I don’t want to lose it, its time I should about us, don’t tell this to anyone.

Sandhya goes to buy a silver key chain for Meenakshi. Sooraj comes in the same shop to buy gift for Meenakshi. He sees some gold jewelry. Sandhya writes the message on the paper to gift Meenakshi, and writes her name Sandhya Sooraj Rathi. She strikes off Sooraj from her name. Sooraj likes the same silver key chain and asks for it.

Sooraj shows the silver chain to Bhabho. Bhabho thinks Sandhya will wear this. Sandhya gets ready to go in the function.

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  1. ……..:) 🙂

  2. vocabulary please…

  3. good sandhya.sooraj is an idiot he dont deserve u . u better go to scotland nd b happy der it is not ur family.

  4. unsocial ,uneducated , selfish & selfrespectless family.
    why she want to back that 3rd class family?

    1. this 3rd class family made her ips officer when her 1st class brother left her.

    2. Rama always loves Sita and Sita always loves Rama in Ramayana. Here Rama loves mom only. After, he had a piece chicken, his brain was corrupted. I agree that Sandhya should not beg Sooraj feet.

      1. donot forget he belived her when he came to know about sandhya’s lie and supported evry possible time just he got emotional as he got before due to sandhya and left the house and lied to bhabho about night school.

    3. the 3rd class family members are only stand for sandhya..the useless fellow only make her as ASP…where ankur went for a long time without telling anything to his beloved sister…sandhya is always right..her bhabhu and sooraj is the real strength of her

      1. u are absolutely right i agreeeeee…..

  5. Suraj is awesoeme….suraj is best

  6. Love him suraj rathi

  7. i know sandhya will go back to sooraj as love or faith can hide but not lost specially true nad selfless love.

    1. Good comment

  8. Nice serial

  9. may sandhya be pregnent in this serial …then only surYA get united….bhabhuu is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….love u bhabhu

  10. plese change the telly updates title card..the new card looks so beautiful….

  11. sooraj always love sandhya but he is hiding his feeling

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