Hamari Sister Didi 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Karan stands angry at the office. Dimple meets Amrita in the corridor, and says good timings by her, he is waiting for her.
Amrita enters the office and knocks at the door. Karan looks at her for minute, in anger. Amrita comes inside, she asks what happened. He throws the letter at her, she reads it. He asks did she complaint. She was speechless, and says she didn’t. He asks did it go from her email id. She says yes, He asks who wrote it. She says she wrote it but didn’t forward it. She explains that day, in anger. He says she is always very much angry. He apologized her a thousand times, infact he was tired in asking forgiveness. But she is always right, and he is wrong always. He throws the table in anger. Amrita gets hurt on the arm, and backs up in fear. Karan leaves the room in rage.
Outside, Dimple smiles listening to the drama. She goes to Amrita and asks what happened. Amrita looks at her, and the letter. Dimple picks it up from the floor, and says what has happened to her. Why she goes to trustees for petty issues, she wasn’t like this before. Amrita says you have done this. Dimple smiles and says we write mails. But we have to log out of computers, computer is the property of hospital.
At home, Khushi tells Mrs. Kapoor and Sooraj about a party at a friend’s place. She says that Moira’s party is awaited by the whole school. Sooraj asks for going together. Khushi says children aren’t allowed, and it is her first party as well. She says to dadi mummy about what she can wear. Dadi mama suggest her new pink dress, and take the jacket with her. Khushi says jacket doesn’t seem to be good.
Amrita comes home lost. Khushi hugs her and was excited that she got Moira’s party invitation. Amrita asks her for a moment to breath. Sooraj comes and asks Amrita to tell Khushi take him along. They argue. Amrita asks to sit down. Khushi tells her that it is Moira’s birthday party, it is the same girl whose father takes her out of India for shopping. Amrita presses her bruised hand, Mrs. Kapoor asks what is it. Amrita says she got bruise in the hospital. Khushi goes to bring first aid, Amrita asks to sit. Khushi asks will she help her get ready. Amrita says what is it to get ready in children’s party, she must come back at maximum 7.30. Khushi says the cake cutting is at midnight. Amrita asks is she mad, that she will remain out of home so late. Khushi shows Amrita the card, she reads the address and objects that it is out of the city. Khushi tries to convince Amrita, but Amrita says she won’t go to banglow party as she is too young for it. Khushi was saddened. Amrita says she can’t make her used to this all, she has said no to her. Khushi shouts, throws the card on floor and leaves. Amrita goes behind her asking what is this way. Khushi shuts the door behind. Amrita leaves for inside, her hand still in pain.
Amrita looks for medicines in her room, Mrs. Kapoor stands with the medicine box asking what she is looking for. Amrita asks how she got to know about it. Mrs. Kapoor smiles that she can see her pain. She says Amrita can’t see the pain of her children. Today, she denied Khushi but the way wasn’t right. She understands her fear, but Khushi is older now. She is growing up, and in this age freedom and friends seem important than family. It must not happen that she keeps hiding things from her, when will she follow her then. Amrita says what she must do. Mrs. Kapoor says when did she say this, there is a difference between Khushi and Sooraj. They must use the right way to make her understand, she is responsible and will understand if she talks to her.
Khushi was crying in her room, Sooraj comes to her and asks her to get up. Khushi tells him to go. Sooraj asks her to play with him, he asks her to party with them. Mama will make good eatables with them, and celebrate new year the way they always do. Sooraj suggests to play Antakshri with dadi mama. Khushi says she isn’t a child anymore, she needs to celebrate with her friends. She told everyone at school that she is going to the party, but mama doesn’t care.
The phone rings, Sooraj takes the call. It was Moira. Khushi runs to the phone, she asks if she is coming to the party. Khushi apologizes, that her mama isn’t allowing her to come to the party. Moira says new year parties are always late, she asks to talk to her mama. Khushi denies that it will be useless. Amrita asks who is it. Sooraj tells Amrita it is Moira, she wants to talk to her and gives the phone to Amrita. Moira asks Amrita how she is and asking her to send Khushi to party. Amrita says party is so late, Moira says Aryan lives near them her mama will pick them. Amrita asks her to send Khushi Aryan’s mama’s number. Moira hangs on, saying she is getting ready now and will text Khushi. She hurries to hang on. Amrita says she has no problem with sending her to party, but it is so late. It is about trust.
Khushi is taken aback, and says after Kabir’s incident she doesn’t trust her. She has broken it. No make up allowed, hanging on with friends isn’t allowed, no celebrations allowed. Had papa been there, he wouldn’t have stopped her.

PRECAP: Amrita says to mummy ji that she trusts Khushi, but can’t trust Moira.

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