Balika Vadhu 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv anxiously waiting outside Doctor’s room. Doctor checks Anandi. Shiv comes inside. Doctor tells him that she needs to tell him something about Anandi’s pregnancy. Shiv asks what is the matter? Doctor tells him that you both are very lucky and informs him that Anandi is carrying twins. They get happy. Anandi reminds Shiv of Amol asking for sister and brother. Anandi tells that Amol’s wish has come true. Doctor says Amol’s wish will be fulfilled. Anandi smiles.

Niranjan comes home and thinks to hide something from everyone except Gehna. He hides the gift beneath the pillow. Jagya comes and sits on bed. He asks did you go to the market today. Niranjan makes an excuse. Jagya understands and he wants to have tea. Gehna comes. Jagya leaves.

Gehna asks Niranjan about the new bedsheet on the bed. Niranjan says it is good. She then asks him about the pillow cover. He says it is good too. Gehna looks at the gifts ( makeup box, lipsticks and a pack of bindis. She opens the make up box. Niranjan asks did you like it. Gehna says it is good. Niranjan says he didn’t buy it for anyone before, so he doesn’t know. Gehna gets sad and looks at the other pillow. Niranjan sees pen beneath the pillow. Gehna tells him that she brought it for him. He thanks her. Jagya and Ganga look at them and smiles. Ganga asks him did they started loving each other. Jagya says they will soon.

Amol goes to his room to bring chocolates. Daddu says he have sweets. Alok says Ira asked him to hide the sweets else Papa ji will eat all. Daddu asks Shiv about Anandi’s health. Shiv says all is well. Meenu asks Anandi to take care of herself. Anandi says yes.

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Anandi comes to her room and sees Shiv cleaning the cupboard. Anandi says let it be. This is not your work. Shiv says can’t I do this. Anandi says she can handle this too. Shiv asks her to take extra precaution. Anandi says she is not the first woman to have been pregnant with twins. Shiv says but you are first woman for me. Shiv says we will go on a picnic. Anoop refuses to come. Shiv asks him to postpone his meetings. Anoop agrees. Subhadra asks Shiv to take him to temple too. Shiv agrees. Daddu asks Anandi to inform Khazan ji. Anandi agrees.

Anandi and Shiv come for a walk. Shiv reminds her of Doctor’s instructions. Anandi looks at the table with candles all around. She gets happy and sits on the chair. Shiv asks her to have icecream with him. He takes out ice cream bowl. They make each other eat it while the Rajastani song plays……….Anandi asks when did you made the arrangement for this. Shiv asks her to enjoy the moment. Anandi says why didn’t you tell them about our farm house. Shiv says he wants to surprise everyone. He hopes everything gets well between Alok and Anoop. Anandi hopes too. Anandi says she have to take care of four kids ( includes Amol and Shiv too). He shows her two teddy bears and gives as a gift. Anandi says we have to think about their names. Shiv suggests Sita/Gita, Ram/Shyam. Anandi says if we have one daughter and one son then. Shiv says I thought our son name to be Shivam and daughter’s name to be Nandini. Anandi gets happy. She says we will keep these names for our kids. They smiles.

Shiv brings everyone to his farm house. Shiv asks him to unveil the name plate. Daddu is surprised to see his name Prem Kishore on the name plate. Shiv tells him that Anandi wanted the farm house in his name. Daddu gets happy and emotional and hugs Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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