Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho missing Sandhya on the Ghanghor puja. She says don’t know Sandhya remembers about this or not. Sandhya cuts the rope sitting somewhere. Rastogi comes and says Naxals are controlled over the jungle aand broke our security systems. He says we can’t contact anyone and can’t take help. Officer Singh says the trained is called off, we have to get out from the jungle now. She tells Sandhya that the Naxals are risky for them. Sandhya says how can we run from them. Zakir says Sandhya is right, we should fight with them. Officer Singh says no, they have weapons and in huge number, this is the first time, its necessary we leave now. She says we have to escape now safely. She shows them the Chip having national security information and asks them to protect it at any cost.

Bhabho does the puja. Sooraj misses Sandhya. Meenakshi, Chavi and Emily are with Bhabho in the puja. Emily says we have to go Goa today. Meenakshi laughs. Bhabho says its fine, come for the puja now. Mohit wears a good kurta and Sooraj compliments him. Mohit says he took it from a big designer. Meenakshi says you bought a lot of clothes in Chavi’s marriage, and then this again, wasting money. Bhabho says Meenakshi is right. She says if you have much money, deposit on Pari’s name. Mohit signs yes. Vikram also comes for the puja. He asks how am I looking. Chavi says you are looking good, but its an old kurta which you have wore many times. Mohit says yes, its 4 year old. Everyone smile. Meenakshi gets angry. Vikram says its old yes, so what, its close to my heart, I love wearing it.

Mohit calls him miser and laughs. Meenakshi feels insulted and is angry. She thinks she will not leave them. Officer Singh and the cadets leave from the base camp to escape from the jungle. The Naxals start firing. Officer Singh asks them to stay together. They proceed. She says we have to get out soon, go fast. Officer Singh falls and gets her foot hurt. She asks the cadets to leave from the jungle as her foot got stuck in a hole. She gives the chip to Roma and asks them to take it safely to the academy. Sandhya stops as everyone leaves and says come with me. Officer Singh says don’t be mad, go. Sandhya says no, I will not go alone leaving you.

Sandhya walks away from her. The Naxals come to arrest Officer Singh. Officer Singh is shocked to see them. Zakir, Sandhya and everyone see Officer Singh caught by them and stop. All the women of the neighborhood also come for the puja at Bhabho’s house. Mohit asks Emily to do the puja soon. Emily says Taisa is doing right now, we have much time left. Mohit scolds her and asks Taisa to let Emily do the puja first. They have to go Goa by flight and they are getting late. Taisa agrees and says yes, Emily is working now, we are free and can wait. Emily says we are getting late, thats why, else we don’t have a right to speak, don’t feel bad. Bhabho says let Emily go for work, first our family will do the puja. Sooraj misses Sandhya.

Sandhya looks at Officer Singh. The Naxals ask Sandhya to leave. Rastogi stops Roma and says we have to leave. Zakir looks shocked. Officer Singh asks Sandhya to leave. Everyone do the puja. They sing the bhajan. Sooraj prays for Sandhya’s safety and happiness. Sandhya walks towards Officer Singh and says I can’t leave you alone. Everyone look at Sandhya. The Naxals say they will shoot her. Roma says what will Sandhya do. Sandhya says Officer Singh has nothing, leave her. Officer Singh asks Sandhya to leave and move back. Sandhya takes the gun of a Naxal and asks them to leave Officer Singh, else she will kill him. Officer Singh is shocked.

Sandhya has fight with the Naxals, they shoot at her..

Update Credit to: Amena

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