Pavitra Rishta 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with everybody identifying Pia as Ovi’s daughter. Archana asks where is Ovi. Pia says she is in India. Archana asks her to call Ovi. Pia says not now and says she wants to surprise Ovi. She will get happy if she sees her family. They all will go to Mumbai. Archana requests Manav to take her to Mumbai to meet Ovi. Manav nods yes. Everybody gets happy.

Ovi thanks Prashanth for saving her. Soham sees her talking to Prashanth. Ovi sees him and asks Prashant to call Soham. Soham thinks Ovi would have identified her and will go from there before she finds her. Prashant comes and asks if she saw some guy gonig from there, the lady told her brother is Soham and he went from there. Prashanth asks person around there if he is Soham. Soham asks Prashanth to tell Ovi that

nobody came there. Prashanth informs Ovi who says her brother died many years ago and she must be mistaken. Ovi asks sorry to Prashanth for sending him to find Soham. She says it is ok and asks her to take care of herself. He goes to Soham and says lady was searching for her brother who died many years ago.

Ovi asks nurse if she can get Prashanth as she wants to give him something for helping her. Nurse says they will be having it in records and will give it to her.

Neena says they cannot go to India overnight. Pari says Pia she is busy and cannot come to India. Gauvrav says he has planned U.S. trip with his friends and will not go to India with them. Neena asks Sachin to tell Archana that they cannot come with her to India. Archana listens to their conversation.

Pia says Pari she knows that she cannot come to India due to her hectic schedule, but Aaji and Azoba want her to come with them. Pari says she is hungry, but cannot tell her to bring something as she is her sister now, not chef. Pia says she will bring sandwich omlet for her as a sister and asks her to think about coming to India. Pari says she will try. Pia goes to bring food for her. Pari thinks Pia she cannot convince her to come to India and she will never be comfortable in India.

Shekhar, Ankita and Naren and in the restaurant. Naren inists Ankita to eat jalepino pizza. She says she wants to eat cheese garlic toast. Shekhar asks Naren to let her eat cheese garlic toast. Naren agrees and goes to bring the food. Shekhar asks Ankita what is she trying to do. Ankita says she wants to remove Aahana’s thoughts from Naren’s mind as Ahana is dead and she is tired acting as Ahana. She wants Naren to love Ankita and wants Naren to accept that Ahana is dead. Shekhar says Naren just came out from a tragedy and would not handle it. Naren comes and says he ordered food, but asks why did she changed her choice. Shekhar shows them papers and asks them to sign. They both sign the papers. Shekhar says as soon as these papers are signed, he will give them to Aman Saxena. Naren asks who is Aman. Ahana says he is his friend, but he does not remember. Ankita and Shekhar asks Naren to sign.

Naren signs papers as Aman Mathur. Shekhar checks them and asks Naren to recheck them. Naren gets shocked and asks why did he sign as Aman Mathur. Ankita says Shekhar he confused Naren and he signed as Aman Mathur. Shekhar says not to get confused and to have food.

Archana says Manav that they have to convince their family to come to India. Pia comes and says even Pari does not want to come to India. Manav says Pari’s weakness is her work and business and he will convince Pari by telling they have business in India. Pia says they have to find other family member’s secrets and convince them to come to India. Archana says she knows how to bring Neena and others to India and has an India.

Archana and Manav call their whole family. Archana says everybody she knows they must be amused when she called them. She says they got Ovi, so she has thought that she will divide her property among her kids and grandkids. Neena thinks Archana is talking sense. Archana says their major property is India, so they have to evaluate it and make the will there. She says everybody should come to India and she and Manav want them to come, so that they can decide how to divide their property. Pari says she does not want to come to India. Archana says it was her duty to tell her. She says it was her duty to inform her kids and it is their wish to come or not.

Mansi asks Shashank if her siblings will also come with them in their new house. Shashank says yes and says he knows she cannot live without them. Soham comes says he will take care of his children and will not allow Shashank to take kids with them. Shashank says how will he manage their food, etc., and asks Soham to come with them with the kids.

Neena says Sachin if Pushti wants to go to India, they should go. Pushti gets happy. Sachin says she did not want to come to India, then how come she suddenly agreed. Neena says she will go because of Pushti and asks Sachin to inform Archana and Manav. Gaurav says he cannot come with them and will go on outing with his friends. Sanchin commands Gaurav to accompany them. Neena thinks she will not let the old people give the whole share to their other kids.

Precap: Archana says she got all her kids now with her. She sees Soham’s pic and says if Soham would have been alive. Pia, Pari, and Pushti inform about the time slot change from 15th April to 6.30 p.m.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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