Mahabharat 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with dushsan throwing draupadi in feets of duryodhan duryodhan says when ego is crushed the face is wat turns black show me the face of this egoistic lady,but draupadi moves back and ask samrat dritrashtra why is a lady treated in ur sabha tat the kulvadhu ,she also asks bishma n guru dron why are they mum at this n are in tears ,draupadi again turns to dritrashtra who says ur dasi(slave) u cant ask any questions just follow the orders.

Draupadi says wen yudishtir had lost himself how did he bet on me , duryodhan says don’t ask this question to samrat ask it to ur husband das yudishtir .draupadi asks the same que to yudishtir , asks him how did he bet on her way was it similar to wat he did to his brothers,n yudishtir says yes,on this draupadi says a wife is not in relation as a brother ,wife is ardhangani(better half).draupadi asks mahamantri in the place of hastinapur which is known for justice what is this happening doesn’t a wife have equal right on all belongings of husband mahamantri says yes she does,draupadi says then how did he bet on wealth without my permission ,mamashri says das draupadi at the beginning of game u didn’t ask any questions then y now, wen u didn’t put any limits at the beginning don’t expect any thing now.

Draupadi in tears n anger asks pandavas wen u married me u promised me to protect me n u didn’t follow it ,arjun says we r sorry we had to go on path of dharma we had to follow elder brothers rule n yudishtir had to follow orders of duryodhan. Draupadi says u followed dharma ,tat dharma which has landed ur wife in this condition. Duryodhan says dasi draupadi ur husbands are not men they followed dharma and put u in this condition they all are napunsak (impetent). now leave all tat n come have samband(relation) with me come sit on my laps,bheem shouts at this n say i will kill u its my promise to u n arjun says i will now onwards eat my food by mixing mud in it which will remind me of tat im not human but n mere insect.

Duryodhan says shutuo u das’s n draupadi follow my orders , draupadi says im born out of fire n fire cant be bounded or kept caught n shouts loudly i will not follow ur rules n proceeds to leave the sabha , on this duryodhan turns to samrat dirtrashtra tat a dsai is insulting his son,n dirtrashtra asks draupadi to stop n follow duryodhans orders, on this bhishma n mahamantri in ters n shame plea smarat dirtrashtra to let her go but samrat says if i allow a dasi every person in this country will do so, so draupadi has to follow all the orders of duryodhan since he is her new swami(husband).

Duryodhan says dasi draupadi its my orders come back,draupadi says swatrantat(freedom)is like clothes which cant be snached.duryodhan says freedom cant be but clothes can, n orders dushasan to snatch all draupadis clothes as revenge of wat she did to me at aryavadhs sabha(neshastra=took away his weapon).arjun snatches a shield from nearby soldier and blows of all the lights in the sabha with the help of it n says as this sabha has darkened samrat dirtrashtra ur life will also be darkened.

It is shown tat draupadi is shown standing in the state of prayer(joining her hands) and says come dushasan try ur power on me…!!!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. What rubbish gramar…….

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  3. Thanks for the update! As for you guys who said “what rubbish grammar” – um excuse me she is atleast writing the updates. Be thankful. Why don’t you do the written updates if you have got a problem?

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