Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with bhabho noticing all the three hands & finds one bangle missing in all the three. Meena pats her idea.Bhabho tells sandy that it is one among them & asks her to find out soon & will punish them after that.

Suraj & chotu in the market. Chotu calls him. Suraj asks him to eat some kulfi but chotu denies saying that he is not in a mood & tells that he is good & why god always gives him trouble. Suraj tells him that there must be some reason behind this too & should not blame god. They both leave.

Sandy collects all the paper along with the pamplet which chavi got. Emily offers help but sandy denies. Emily looks at the pamplet & tells that it is a good product & the validity of the offer. Sandy remembers chavi opening that box & chavi asking 500 rs for cell phone recharge. Sandy suspects whether sh ewent to suraj’s shop for making a call. She is lost in thoughts. Emily asks what. But she leaves.

Meena murmurs in her room telling that she has done a wrong thing by stealing the sweet boxes & she can’t even keep them again & fears about sandy & her investigation skills. she thinks a lot & looks at emily going through. Meena gets an idea & decides to hide it in momily’s room & thinks that she can become the ladli of bhabho then.

Sandy calls telephone exchange & inquires whether any call made after 9.30 the last night. The officer gives her the number too & sandy matches the no with the pamplet & decides that chavi must have done that.
Meena watches here & there & decides to leave. Menwhile sand enters worrying how can she tell bhabhp about chavi. Sandy looks at the dropped pieces of laddoo on the floor & wonders the same & follows that. Meena is happy with her plan working.
Meena follows her to find out the drama. The line draws sandy to emily’s room & there she finds a book which emily sed to make medicine.. She also notices ants on the floor & finds sweet boxes under the bed. Sandy gets shocked to see those as they were suraj’s sweets made for DSP order. She tastes that & finds it tasteless & remembers suraj telling that adding sugar water is left. Sandy confirms that emily has also went to suraj’s shop. Meena is quite happy with her plan.

Break: Sandy looks at powder at the sweet box & smeel s it to be baby powder.

meena is going to get caught sandy found the baby powder in those boxes

Sandy feels that emily can’t do that & notices baby powder on those sweet boxes. She confirms it by smelling & remembers meena trying to stop sandy picking up cloth from that basket & bhabho comment saying that has she hidden gold in that & meena’s shivering. Sandy confirms that meena has done this stealing thing & thinks that she must have kept in emily’s room & decides to find the real culprit.

Suraj brings in all the materials. Bhabho asks him not to panic & she has kept ready everything. Suraj tells that they have given only 2 hrs & asks whether they can do it. Bhabho encourages him & asks everyone to do fast.

Break: Bhabho tells sandy that once her son’s work is done she will find out the culprit & pnish them.

everyone doing something or the other. Bhabho hits vikram . He asks her to be careful. Bhabho taunts him to work fast.suraj asks sandy for some thing (flour). Bhabho worries that becoz of some family member suraj is suffering today & tells that once his work is done today she will take care of the reast & find the culprit.. Bhabho repeats that she will not leave. Meena worries why sandy is not taking emily’s name till now & worries what is going on her mind. Sandy thinks that it must be either of chavi & meena.

Precap: Sandy smells the oil which emily prepared from the suraj’s shop cloth & wonders how ??? & thinks she must have also gone there.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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