Madhubala 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu says..din wanna lose u n myself RK Where has she attained him?

Madhu says.. RK cant end everything between them…

RK takes Madhu by the hand n walks out to the car..

Sultan rushes home..asks for whereabouts of old locker..

He finds a pic.. n cleans it.. its of his parents n him .. n he identifies his father with the locket..! Kaka asks..why relive old memories?

Sultan says.. these are no more memories..! Kaka says.. this is of n Sultan says.. Rashids.. n he is alive..

Paddo tells Trish.. she tried to reach Sultan but he din respond..n asks her to come home early but she says.. will be late..!

Paddo says..she is going there.. she needs to handle things!

Radha asks Bittu to locate RK …

Dips watches time in Sikkys watch n asks..why smile? Dips says celebration time.. as Rishbala have not returned..

Paddo reaches the RK mansion …n asks where r Rishbala n Paddo is surprised..! Bittu says. no idea where Rishbala have gone.. ! Paddo asks if RK was ok then? Sikky says .. no ..he was angry n Madhu was in tears!

Paddo asks Radha why she let them go? Dips says…when RK is fuming..better to stay away..! Paddo fumes more.. saying RK can do anything to Madhu!

Paddo says RK is a monster..who broke Madhu n can do anything to her..! Radha asks Paddo to calm down..! Paddo asks Radha to calm her son.. not her..! Radha tells Paddo ENOUF …

She says RK has done wrong n paid.. n today he was gonna marry Madhu honestly . .but why did Madhu call Sultan (the PARAYA MARD) in her room

RK calls Bittu n asks them to reach to the mandap… with everyone!

Radha asks Paddo to come along..!

RK is driving …

Sultan talks to someone on phone n asks his men to locate Rashid..! He tells his bodyguards to locate well but manages to spot him .. on his own..!

Rashid gets up n runs seeing Sultan..!

Press are covering RK n Madhus wedding… ! They ask where RK is? Sikky says.. its RKs wedding drama is expected!

RK reaches with Madhu .. ! He walks out of the car.. Madhu too..!

Reporter asks .. why RK n Madhu together..without barat n not on ghodi? WHY? RK says.. he wanted to come on ghodi but of green color..but not possible so

RK pulls Madhu to stage with her…!

Part 2

Sultan manages to catch hold of Rashid… n he begs for mercy

Sultan asks him to look at him n recognise… n says.. he is SULTAN ..his son ..his n Nazias..!

He says. .not my son.. Sultan says.. wont let u go..!!

Part 3

RK says.. drama.. ofcourse…

RK says.. normal wedding is few years of happiness then distance then breakup..!!

RK says.. there r two people. .normal n different but he is unique . .he has special relations..! All relations start with four letter his was not LOVE was HATE..!! Madhu looks at RK

Precap —- RK says..that in this revenge drama. .Madhu wanted to do same as he did to her… break his heart. hurt her..! Madhu asks RK to stop it..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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