Crazy Stupid Ishq 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 6th June 2013 Written Update

Ayaan was trying to remove his hand from anu’s grip but very carefully as she was sleeping, n at the same moment his mom arrives n he got shocked, he moves his hand in a hurry which breaks anu’s sleep, his mother ask abt anu, anu fell down near her feets in chaos, pretending to be touching her feets. Mrs. Chowdhary ask abt her n ayan introduce her, she ask wat is she dng here n anu says that her parents wants to get her married n she likes ayan, it shocked all, she says that thy were engaged in childhood. Before Mrs. Chowdhary gets heart attack, she clarifies that she was just kidding, she came here to get a job n prove herself.

Mrs. C gets relaxed n ask for her parents no, other side, pampi’s mum was worried for her n thy get Mrs. C’s call, she got l’il worried, a l’il bit of hi hello n well being, Mr. Atwal takes the call n ask her to take care of anu for few days as she’ll get a new job, she’ll leave thr house, Mrs. C assures them that pampi i lyk thr daughter n thy need not to get worry abt her, pampi n tullu heear it n got happy.

Next day, miral came to meet Mrs. C, thy share a gr8 chemistry n understanding, she ask abt anu n miral says its f9 with her but she caught her nthen miral told her that she dnt lyk her, Mrs. C ask her to be a grip on her BF as he’s with sum other girl , miral says she tried a lot but nothing works out, n before leaving she ask her to get anu out of the house but Mrs. C denies that she wont. On breakfast table Mrs. C ask abt anu from ayaan if he likes her or not but he says that thy were just frnds n he’s helping her to get a job.

In auditions, anu reached thr n sum girl taunt her on her clothes etc n anu replied her well, while she gave it, every1 is impressed but suddenly that girl enters n says she dnt lyk it, anu gave retake on retake but that girl is annoying her n anu finally back off saying that she dnt want to do television as she’s made for bigscree. Other side ayaan reached at shahdab’s place n try to convince him to sing for them.

Ayaan’s office, his boss was worried for thr new singer, anu over hears him n tried her luck n convince him that she can sing, he took the audition, the editor dnt lyk her n neither mummuji but punnuji was very much impressed by her saying that she’s a complete package, anu got the job.

Ayaan’s home, anu came excited n told Mrs. C abt her new job at ayaan’s office, after her ayaan came n he was upset, her mum poison his ears against anu saying that she got that job, which ayaan wants to be of shahdab’s, he go angrily to question her n thr she calls miral to give the gud news. as anu came to told him abt it, he ask her y she dnt told him before.

Precap: Anu was single but the team was not enjoying accpt punnuji, she got bad throat after a while as she was shouting much while singing. Ayaan ask to confess sumthing to anu.

Update Credit to: Amor

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