Chanchan 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 6th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the haldi ceremony going on in Chhan Chhan’s house. The women are enjoying the haldi. Chhan Chhan is being applied the haldi. Dadi gets emotional seeing Chhan Chhan. She asks what happened, Dadi says she caught cold. They ask her to take medicines. Maithili says she is seeing her cold since 30 years, and she cries in it. Maithili says you cannot control your tears, you are thinking about Chhan Chhan. Simple says there is time for marriage. Dadi says I used to hurry up for her marriage, but today she is going and she wnats her to stay for few days more. Maithili also cries. Chhan Chhan says I m here for Dadi. Dadi says who will be there when you go to your in-laws, Chhan Chhan says she will come to meet them. Karthik cries too seeing this scene.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Manthan says we have to prepare well. Umaben says what they have done we don’t know. She says they might have prepared as no one thought, Manav comes and says yes they are doing something special. He says they are doing eco friendly wedding, so that they cannot waste anything, and help others. Everyone feel good to hear it. Manav speaks about Chhan Chhan’s family’s plans. He says we have to serve ourselves. He says the plates will be recycled. And they will not take any gift, they will keep a donation box. His brother says will you also say anything. Babuji says you also say, and he likes the idea. It will be different and better. Manav says I will go and tell Chhan Chhan, she will be happy. Manthan says is this the way for marriage, Babuji says they are doing do to benefit others. And we should respect their thinking. Umaben says if our relatives does not think so, if they don’t like this thing, then? Umaben says we will cut down the names of few relatives and business partners, Babuji says yes, you are right, and he says he will call them and say them not to come. Umaben says she will also say her Mahila mandal women not to come.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Chhan Chhan is taking her old clothes with her. Simple and Aashka tell they will come to meet her. Chhan Chhan is missing Poorvi. Simple says she is coming, Chhan Chhan is happy. Aashka says this was a surprise. Dadi brings athe wedding dress for Chhan Chhan. Maithili says she is looking beautiful. Rugved comes and says we will take a family photo. Chhan Chhan says how can we take a photo without papa. Dadi says he is tensed and might be sitting outside.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umaben calls her friends and tell them not to come, but her friends say we will come for sure. Umaben then calls others and says the same. Umaben says they all are coming, what will happen in the marriage.

Chhan Chhan is talking to her dad saying she used to fight with her siblings when she was small. Karthik says he cannot believe that she is getting married, and she will go far from him. Dadi comes and says daughters are meant to go, but we feel bad that they go early. Maithili comes and says we are strangers for us as they have to leave us and go. They all get emotional. Karthik fears that thye should not feel Chhan Chhan a stranger. Karthik says do you remember the dream in which you saw Chhan Chhan’s husband in different faces, it will end now. But my fears are forming now, our Chhan Chhan is so different that we also find it difficult to understand, will they understand her. Chhan Chhan asks him not to take tension, and they will understand her and adapt to her. She says Manav’s family will think of me as theirs.

The next morning, Chhan Chhan is getting ready for marriage, Maithili says Dadi that Chhan Chhan is looking very pretty. Dadi says she looks like me, Chhan Chhan says why did you not get ready today. Chhan Chhan gives her flowers. Dadi says your dada used to bring flowers for me, if you go, who will bring flowers for me. Maithili says I m here, and I will bring it for you, I will not leave you.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Everyone are waiting for Manav. He comes and Manek ties the turban. Babuji says he is going to bring his bride. Gomuti asks Umaben to do the rasam. Umaben says Gomuti will make him wear the garlands. Gomuti does the rasam. Babuji asks Umaben to do the aarti. Umaben does it, and thinks she will bring her choice of bahu soon, this marriage is happening, and Chhan Chhan will be a guest in the house, and she has to leave one day.

Thakkar Bhai gives 50 lakh rs to Umaben.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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