Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th December 2013 Written Update

Suraj’s relative tells Sandhya can be posted anywhere in India and Suraj gets the chance to travel all over india. Bhabho is fuming listening to this and comes to Sandhya. Before she speaks, Bhabhasa comes there and tells he has enrolled Sandhya’s name in achievers list.

In house, Emily calls Mohit and tells she tried hard but could not find the egg shells. Mohit tells Meena is smart and would have kept it with her in the shop and asks Emily to try again. Emily goes near the window and watches saree shop. Meena brings Kanha to shop to show the new sounding shoes of Kanha and Vikram makes Kanha walk. Emily notices a tiffin box there and guesses it must be egg shells. Vikram asks Meena to look after the shop and goes to bring new sarees.

Emily has a plan. She

hides herself behind a rickshaw passing by such that Meena does not notice her and while doing so, throws a 100 rupees note in front of cloth shop. Emily goes to a side and watches Meena. Meena notices the money on the ground. She leaves Kanha and slyly comes near the money and takes it. She is excited to see 100 rupees note and tells Kanha to be in the shop and runs to bring chats. Emily uses this chance to go to the shop and takes the tiffin box. She brings it near the dustbin and opens it and finds the egg shells which she empties in the dustbin outside the house. Meena returns with chat and then notices the box missing. She understands Emily’s hand in it and starts scolding while Kanha moves out of the shop. Daisa passing by notices Kanha in the road and picks him up. She scolds Meena for being careless as Kanha moved to the road and rickshaws are passing by. She advises to take care as Bhabho is also not there in the house.

The host of the conference makes announcement and all the people sit and watch. They call all the young achievers and award them trophies. They also call Sandhya and give her a trophy and certificate. The host calls another guest to give a speech who congratulates all the achievers and their parents who have supported them. They call all the parents to the stage. Bhabhasa stands up but Bhabho is upset. She is having flashbacks of Sandhya’s promise of eighth vachan and the infor of Sandhya getting posted anywhere in India. After being told again, she reluctantly goes to the stage. They are given bunch of balloons to be liberated.

Emily appreciates the painter for their work. The painter says the paint needs to dry so ask her to keep the shop half closed and take care as a table fan is on. Emily asks them to remove the live wire which he says they need fan to dry the paint faster and will come back in the evening and remove it. She also asks them to paint a room in their house which painter says he will send worker in the evening. Emily half closes the shop and sits herself to take care of it.

In the conference, Suraj observes Bhabho is upset. The host asks everyone to liberate the balloons which they do except Bhabho who thinks she does not want Sandhya to fly high in the sky but to be in her house. She has not let the balloon. Bhabhasa asks her why she did not and then thinks she might be thinking to take it to kanha. He asks her to liberate them and they will buy new ones for Kanha. The balloons get out of Bhabho’s hand and go up.

Daisa with Mishri and Emily and talking in front of Emily’s shop. Emily tells her all the work is done and the parlor will be inaugurated once Bhabho returns back. Meena sees them and admires Mishri from distance. She is fuming to take revenge from Emily. She calls a small girl and tempts her to give sweets and asks her to tell Emily that pari is crying in the house. Daisa leaves from there and Emily sits in front of the shop. The girl comes and tells Emily that pari is crying. She asks the girl to sit there and goes to house. Meena comes there and asks the girl to take sweets from Suraj’s shop. She thinks of closing the shutter down and Chotu and his friends come there. They ask for Kanha to play with but Meena sends them away. She leaves Kanha and tries to close the shutter down.

In kuldevi mandir, Rathis are packing all their clothes. Bhabho stops Sandhya and tells she has permitted Sandhya to go for the training as it is necessary for her IPS job but if her job leads to her family splitting, she has never and would never allow it. She has to be in Pushkar and do her job and she cannot allow her placement anywhere else.

Meena leaves Kanha down and goes to close the shutter. The girl calls her saying Dillu is not giving her sweets so Meena goes there to get her the sweets. Here, Kanha crawls into the shop and then Meena comes back running and closes the shop and takes the keys. She vows to make Emily repent for tricking her.

In mandir, Bhabho reminds Sandhya of her promise and warns her it is her responsibility to manage her job and her promise.

Precap: Meena is crying loudly as Kanha is lost. All the neighbors are gathered there. The whole Rathi family is worried and praying for Kanha to be found…

Update Credit to: b2011

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