Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being happy knowing Simran is alive. Hoshiyar says Simran took Rajveer’s name first. Chanchal says I m sure Rajveer will become fine when she is back. Tau ji and Hoshiyar say we will bring Simran with a bang. Tau ji asks Didi where are you going. She says I m going to thank the Lord for giving us so much happiness. Chanchal tells Rajveer that your Simran is back. Didi talks to her husband’s ashes and says you could not keep Simran with you. She says you did not do what I told you, what will I do, how can I manage all alone. Someone knocks her door. She hides the ashes.

Himmat comes to her. He says you told everyone that Simran is alive. Didi says I did not tell them. Simran is coming back by her wish.

Himmat asks how come, did she get any proof about you. Didi says no, she is lying and coming back, fooling everyone here. Himmat asks why. Didi says she called from a hospital that she was in coma from four months. Himmat says she is very clever. Didi says did you come to taunt me. Himmat says I came to you thinking you might need my help. She says what will you help me. He says after I knew she is not a ghost, I can catch her. Didi says its not so easy as she is very clever.

Didi says I m sharping myself, I will cut her plans from the roots. Khanna talks to Simran at the hospital. Simran asks what happened. He says the file is ready with the details that you were here for some months, everyone has to believe this. Simran asks am I doing right. Khanna says yes, everything is fair in love and war. Simran says I m lying to them again, she says they are innocent people, I m not feeling good to lie them. Khanna says its good that you got saved, but this is the truth, you are in coma really for three months.

He says Dadi and jaggi know this, how many times you tried to help Rajveer. Simran says yes, I lied before to get Rajveer, and now to save the house from Didi. Once she confesses her sins, I will tell everyone about my truth. Khanna says you are right, he says once she is exposed, everything will be fine. Tau ji and Hoshiyar are going to the hospital. Didi stops them and says it won’t be good to bring Simran back home. Everyone are shocked.

Tau ji says don’t you feel this is good. Didi says its not a good sign. She says no need to bring her back. Chanchal says you were happy yesterday, what happened now. Didi says I saw her in this house so many times, first I thought its her ghost, but she is alive, it means what Himmat and I saw was Simran. She says it means she was conscious before. Hoshiyar says why will the doctor lie. Didi says why can’t you trust us. She says this might be Simran’s duplicate who wants to get in this house. Tau ji says maybe you are lying. Didi is shocked.

She says why will I lie. She says what profit is there. He says you have, since you came back in this house, you always wanted Simran to be away from this house. Tau ji says enough, you spoke a lot, not anymore. Tau ji says i m going to the hospital, I will check everything there. He says if you are lying, then I will not leave you and make you out of this house.

Tau ji says Sirman can never cheat us, if she is a liar, she won’t get a place in this house and the same implies to you. Didi says I accept this, go now. They leave for the hospital. jaggi calls Simran and tells her about Didi. She says she will take care. Didi hears jaggi telling everything to Simran on phone and jaggi is shocked to see her. Didi holds his ears and says so you are the one to give her news. She says you are the tantrik who met me, I know. jaggi is shocked. Didi says I know you are helping her against me. She scolds him and says I will show you the ghosts today.

Tau ji, Hoshiyar come to the hospital and are shocked to see Simran. Simran smiles seeing them. Tau ji and Hoshiyar are happy to see her. She greets them touching their feet. Tau ji does not bless her thinking what Didi said. Hoshiyar blesses her and says you have given us a big happiness. Khanna comes and says my daughter needs prayers. Simran smiles. Tau ji asks were you with her in the last three months. Khanna says no, I was not. He says I came to know yesterday. Tau ji says then why did you not call me. Khanna says I came to know that you got the news, so I did not inform. Simran asks where is Rajveer. Did he not come to take me. Tau ji is silent.

Simran asks Tau ji why are you asking so many questions. Tau ji says I request you not to lie to me, I want to know are you our Simran.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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