Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 6th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with sanjay In the office looking at his marriage photo with shruti. Shruti then comes in. shruti tells him that why did he not wait for her she was coming. Then sanjay tells that she should have called him he woul have come. Shruti says that she was doing house work as he left her. then sanjay tells her that what should he do for her? shruti tells that please take my leave application…sanjay tells that if not then, shruti tells that she will leave the job. Then sanjay says no and tells that if she leaves then he will stay alone. Shruti tells him that don’t interfere In my house matters. Then peon brings tea. Then shruti tells that she is going now. Sanjay tells that wait a second and tells her to make tea for him. While she

is making the tea sanjay is looking at her romantically and then shruti gives him the tea and a romantic song is being played. Then sanjay smells the tea and says beautiful and then someone comes and then he tells sanjay that latani contracters have rejected their tender and contract. That man says that he does not know what to do. Shruti thinks and says in her mind that she also does not know what to do. Then sanjay tells the man that latani contracters are very old customers so they should first put their ideas on them and do what they need and then they should understand what they want and give them their ideas. Then shruti says to herself in her mind that the plan sanjay told also does belong to her so she should follow that.

Then at home ami and khushboo come and ami tells khushboo that who made studies and why.then she is tired so she sleeps on the sofa throwing everything everywhere. Then prabha comes and shouts ami as she has thrown her bag and shoes here and there. Then ami gets up and tells what happened? Then prabha shouts ami and tells that didn’t her mom teach her manners and what is all this? Ami tells her that why she indirectly always blames her mom. Then shruti comes and sees ami and asks what happened prabha fgoes and then shruti tells ami why she did this ami gets sad and tells that why she always shouts her and ami goes in her room. Khushboo is asked by shruti that what happened? Khushboo tells that prabha only told her to go in her room and not sleep on the sofa but ami only did not listen. Then shruti says ok. In the room ami goes angrily and says that because of prabha, the hitler shruti shouts her. then ami eats chewing gum and a plan comes to her mind that she should teach prabha a lesson. She goes and brings a green colored gum and she goes in prabha’s room. prabha is making mehendi. Prabha is talking with riddhi and riddhi is saying that her husband has again started all this and coming late at night and going early in the morning. Prabha tells that because sanjay removed riddhi’s husband from jail that’s why he is here or else he would have been in the jail till now. Then prabha goes talking in bathroom and ami comes in to put the green fevicol but prabha comes so ami hides behind curtain. Prabha sees that someone must be behind the curatain and she goes to see but no one is there. Then prabha goes to take a brush and keeps riddhi’s phone. Then ami comes and puts the whole gum in the mehndi and prabha comes and ami goes. Prabha comes and puts the mehndi and sits on the rocking chair and listens to music. After sometime her hair all get hard and protrude upwards. Prabha then touches her hair and sees that it has all turned hard and she shout loudly. Everyone come in and see her in this state and they all laugh. Dad tells that is it because she was listening to music or something else. Mom gets angry and everyone laughs. Then shruti asks whether she needs help to wash hair prabha says no loudly and tells them to go out and everyone go. Then ami and khushb oo open the door again to see and laugh and prabha throws them out. Outside the door ami and khushboo are laughing and shruti tells them not to. Ami tells that if this is the state then non one can stop laughing and tells that you are also laughing.

Next morning sanjay gets up and sees shruti asleep and opens the curtain. Prabha knocks the door and then sanjay opens. Prabha tells that is shruti there. Sanjay says yes and prabha comes in saying that she wants to talk to shruti. Then she sees that sanjay’s blanket was kept on the sofa and she tells that why he sleeps on sofa. Sanjay says that actually he was tired so he slept there. Prabha sees shruti asleep so she says loudly to wake her up that daughter in law’s have to get up early and then shruti gets up hearing her voice. Shruti gets up and prabha tells her that in this house daughter in law’s have to get up earlier than everyone. Shruti says sorry and tells that she will get up early from tomorrow. Prabha goes.

Precap: prabha is keeping trisha’s clothes in the cupboard and one shirt falls down and she bends to pick it up when she sees the gum bottle beside the cupboard and she picks and says that she will ot leave ami and ami will pay for this.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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