Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sandhya tells Kavita no matter how tough a fight is truth is always victorious. Kavita says that she understands what Sandhya means. She reminds Sandhya that even she did all she could to become an IPS officer. She says she’ll do all she can to become a politician to serve the poor. She tells her all is fair in love and war. Sandhya tells her reaching for ones dreams and backstabbing someone are two different things. She tells God always support those who stand by the truth. Kavita tells her it must be tough to keep her proof safe so she tells her to take care. Kavita thanks Sandhya for the help to set up the rally. Kavita leaves.

Chavi is seen hungry. She feels she has not done anything wrong so she must eat. Dilip’s mom tells Dilip that Chavi is the youngest of three brothers and that he must not be harsh on her. She suggests him to take Chavi out. Chavi heard them talking. She sees mangos on the table and decides to eat them. She takes them to her room and eats the mangoes. She decides not to tell her inlaws she has eaten anything

Suraj and bhabho ask Sandhya why she is worried. Meena says she enjoyed the rally. Meena says she’s a good leader. Bhabho agrees. She says Kavita listens to both the rich and poor. Even Suraj agrees that Kavita is a good politician and that she will win the elections. Sandhya feels bad she can’t tell the Rathis the truth about Kavita. Bhabhasa asks why she did not mention the injustice on woman. Sandhya says maybe she changed her mind. The SP calls for Sandhya. The Rathis leave. Suraj reminds Sandhya to eat and take care.

Dilip brings food for Chavi. Chavi says she’s not hungry. Dilip says she looks good when she is angry. He tells her if he leaves her alone they break the promise they took in the wedding. He tells Chavi he has a surprise for her. Chavi tells him he’s forgiven. They hug. Dilip says he has a part time job for Chavi. He tells her this will make her independent.

Sandhya is seen giving orders to her staff. Sandhya tells her staff she will take care of Someshwar. The SP Officer arrives. He praises Sandhya. She says had Kavita succeeded it would be a great shame to the police department. The Rathis are seen on TV. They are seen praising Kavita. Kavita tells this is the love given to her by the public. She says she wishes to serve the poor. She thanks the Rathis for their help. She thanks Sandhya for the help regarding the rally.

Sandhya tells the SP officer that she couldn’t tell her family the truth about Kavita. The SP tells her not to tell the truth to her family. He tells her she has to outwit Kavita. Sandhya assures her she will do the same.

Bhabhasa is reading the paper. Meena asks bhabho if she can leave as she has an important job. Bhabho asks her if her important job is to tell everyone about her appearance on television. Meena tells her that she wants to go to the tailor. Meena’s mother calls. She rushes to go tell her about her appearance on television. Bhabhasa asks bhabho who is she going to vote for? Bhabhasa says he’s going to vote for Kavita. Bhabho reminds him that Kavita is the reason Sandhya won the best cadet award. She tells she will vote for Kavita. Mohit hears all this.

Sandhya is seen on the phone making security arrangements. Kavita calls her. She asks her how did she feels seeing her family members on TV? She tells her if she hasn’t she will send her a CD. She tells her the people on Pushkar love her. Sandhya asks her why did she use the Rathis? Kavita says that the Rathis have said what’s on their mind. She says Sandhya that Suraj has very good views about her.

Precap: Bhabho tells Sandhya that Emily’s parlour has reopened. Sandhya asks how as online it said that it would take one more month? Emily says that Kavita reopened the parlour using her influence. Sandhya says they should not have used Kavita’s help. Mohit tells her that even she used Kavita’s influence to win the best cadet trophy in Hyderabad. Sandhya is shocked.

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