Qubool Hai 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Dilshad narrates out her heart to haya, knowing how concerned she is for sanam, and how she had thought tht she wont tell sanam anything about that haveli. munisa comes in holding her neck pretending to have a terrible ache and asks her to prepare food. haya is shocked while dilshad agrees. She offers to go instead of dilshad, but munisa takes her for a different work. Dilshad is tensed while haya leaves.

The next morning, while haya is working in the drawing are, munisa’s husband comes and finds her alone and begins to approach her with two beautiful bracelets. He sneaks in behind her, anmd while she gets scared, he shows her the bangles that he got for her, but haya jerks off her hand. He forcibly takes haya’s hand and tries to make her wear it. just then, rahat comes and he snaps his hand away. He makes an excuse that he was asking haya if she needed any stuff. He leaves in a haste, while rahat too leaves for his room. Haya stands distraught.

Later, while rahat is playing the mouth organ, he hears a knock on the door, and finding that its haya with te, he tells her to buzz off as he doesnt want tea. but qwhen she doesnt hear, and continues to knock, he comes and reprimands her for being an idiot and not understand anything when told to her. He slams the door shut on her face, while she stands mute. While he is composing poems, he hears a noise of tghe electric circuit going off, and notices a spark right around the place where haya is working obliviously. he runs and gets haya away, while she is shocked. then he douses the fire that ensues in the circuit. Rahat gets angry and turns around to reprimand haya for being so careless about her life and her family, as people go but their memories remain. he again asks her if she’s deaf and dumb, as she doesnt respond. Finally dilshad comes and says that she cant listen or speak. following his gaze, she finds dilshad standing behind her. She hugs dilshad, while she apologises for haya’s behalf, if she did anything wrong unintentionally. rahat asks how did she understand what he said. dilshad says that haya is helpless, but not that much even. Dilshad tells that god may have not given her speecha nd hearing, but she knows to comprehend signals and knows lip reading too. rahat leaves tensed, while haya hugs dilshad, as she composes haya. In his room, rahat is super angry at himself for having reprimanded haya on so many occassions, without knowing about her. He goes to apologise but then wonders how to, as what can he possible say to her. He stops himself.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam is all galore praises for Begum and tauns ahil, but latif comes in saying that things arent always as they seem to be. Sanam says that dilshad also says this but in this case they both are wrong. Latif still sticks to what she maintains. Sanam asks if she implies that begum isnt good. latif says that she was talking about ahil. They get into a verbal arguement about how ahil is good and how latif is wrong about ahil. Sanam says that she hopes that she gets a lot of money so that she can throw it on ahil’s face and get away with his slavery. Latif says that in real life, the god is never that giving. sanam says that the lord shall have to be favourable to her, and help her find anwar, so that she can get a hold of her money. she is determined.

The next morning, while sanam is working in the kitchen, tanveer comes and identifies her saying that she recognised her from her singing. She says that she feels that she knows her from a long time. Tanveer says that singing is hereditary, and that definitely one of her parents would be into singing. She asks about sanam’s father. Before she reveals too much, azhar’s mother comes into distract her by giving her the gift that she had wanted for sanam. Sanam raises questions about ahil, but tanveer assures her that ahil maybe bad in words, but has a golden heart. Sanam opens it to find a beautiful saree, seeing which azhar’s mother is surprised too. Sanam thanks her profusely, and requests to go and see how it looks on her. Azhar’s mother tries to banter, while tanveer asks if she got info on sanam. She tries to make an excuse, while tanveer says that they have to find everything about her, as she isnt ordinary, and there’s something about her, which irks her, and asks her to go and find it. As she leaves, tanveer is still tensed.

As sanam is walking in the lobby, she hears a noise coming from the door thats locked from outside, and where she has been forbidden to go to. Sanam thinks that if the door is locked from outside, then how can there be a noise from the inside. She peeps in through the keyhole and is shocked at what she finds. Later, sanam tries one by one all the keys in the bunch, wondering how can someone be locked inside like this, and then is surprised when finally one of the keys opens the lock. She is about to enter inside, when she is stopped by latif, who eyes her reprimandingly.

In tanveer’s room, while azhar’s parents are bantering, assuring tanveer that everything is okay here, tanveer asks about a special room. Azhar’s parents assure her completely, that the room is completely safe and forbidden from everyone else’s reach. they are oblivious that sanam is in fact going through it right now. tanveer says that she knows its inhumane to keep someone in such a cage, but all this she is doing for ahil, as its in his and the family’s benefit only. She says that she very well knows the boredom and torture of being in jail, and she knows this is inhuman, torturous and a sin but for the benefit of this family, she accepts to committing this sin. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Tanveer says that the mission of the realisation of the dream, for which she has waited a long 12 years, the secret to that is locked behind that door, and she doesnt want that for some insignificant servant, that secret is out or her mission is unaccomplished. azhar’s mother is scared to see tanveer in such a rage. Tanveer says that she doesnt want anyone to ever even again dare to question about the locked door. She is scared.

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