Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghu and Shivani standing outside of the hospital. Shivani tells him that she heard everything what Raghu and Doctor were talking. Raghu gets shocked. Shivani says that he do not have to lie anymore to anyone. I know there is a hole in my heart and it will cost 20 laks for treatment. Why didn’t you tell me the truth Raghu? If I knew the truth then I would not come to Mumbai Raghu. Shivani starts walking. Raghu follows her and says babyji I am sorry. I really didn’t want you to worry. There is nothing to worry. As Doctor said, everything will be fine! And then suddenly Shivani stops walking and asks him from where he will get the money. Why are you doing all this for me? Raghu says that it’s his duty. Shivani makes him remember that he married someone else. Shivani says I think you forgot that I am no longer your wife. Sumitra is your wife!

And suddenly Raghu’s phone rings. It’s Sumitra. Raghus shuts his phone off. Sumitra gets shocked and angry. Sumitra says how can he cut the phone. It must be Shivani.

Shivani is about to leave but Raghu stops her by saying babyji. Raghu says whatever happens in my life, I am always there for you! Shivani gets angry and turns around. She says but why? You aren’t getting salary from me. What name can you give this relationship? And then Sumitra calls him again. He cuts the phone. Sumitra tries again. Raghu telling Shivani it is nothing like that it is about it’s is only about taking care of your life nothing else. Shivani says it is it would be different if you and I had a relationship but your relationship is with Sumitra. Raghu gets shocked.

Sumitra again calls him. Raghu looks at phone thinks he pressed ended but he pressed answer. Shivani says hello but Raghu starts talking Shivani. He says please forgive me Babyji, it was all a drama, it was fake. Shivani and Sumitra get shocked. Shivani says you are lying it’s not the truth. Raghu says no babyji I was lying before, but not now it’s the truth. Sumitra gets angry. I married Sumitra that you would agree to marry Karan. Sumitra gets very angry. Raghu says I had to do that. How can I marry before you get married? I know I lied but I had to do it. Sumitra and My marriage was just a drama!

Sumitra lets the phone fall down. Shivani asks drama? How can you do this to your family? How can you lie like this? Raghu tells her I can do anything to change your life. Shivani says for changing my life how could you play with someone else’s life? didn’t you even think how much you have hurt Sumitra what you have done to her life? You have to say sorry to her, right now! Shivani takes his phone and says to call Sumitra to say sorry. Raghu wants to say sorry but Sumitra gets angry. Sumitra says that she heard everything what they talked. Sumitra cuts the phone and gets very angry!

In the next scene. Raghu’s mum comes home. Sumitra comes downstairs. Latha sees the mangalsutra and sindoor. She asks about it and gets confused. Maya says that she will tell her everything.

In the next scene. Raghu says to Shivani why she is not talking to him. He says that he knows that he has done something wrong and apologize for it. But please talk to me babyji. Shivani says nothing will be fine just because you said sorry to Sumitra. I know that you said sorry to Sumitra but what about your family? How will you solve it? Raghu says please stop it. What if something would happen to you? I would die without you. Shivani covers Raghu mouth with her hands and they share a long intense eyelock. The Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Background song is playing.

Shivani takes her hand away. Shivani says nothing will happen to me and you won’t do this. She ask a promise from him that regardless of what happens to her whether she lives or dies he will take care of himself. And suddenly Raghus phone rings. It’s Bella. Bella ask how everything is not to worry, he ask about the family says everyone is fine mom is back, she went out so she could call and talk to him. Raghu says I have to tell you something, he tells about him and Sumitra’s wedding being fake. Bella gets shocked and drops all her veggies.

Bella wants to talk to Shivani. Bella says because of what my brother did you experienced so much pain I’m sorry on behalf of him. Shivani says why are you apologize to me.

Latha gets shocked. Maya praising Sumitra, says it’s good that Sumitra is the bahu and not Shivani. Latha says if this is Raghu’s decision then you are the elder Bahu. Sumitra thanks Latha. She is giving something to Sumi as she is the DIL, bella stops her. Bella tells her not to give this to Sumitra. Latha ask what are you saying she is the elder bahu? Bella ask to Sumitra if it’s truth. Bella asks her to tell the family the truth. Bella tells the family about the fake marriage. Sumitra gets upset and the family gets shocked.

Raghu asking for a room at a hotel the manager ask what kind of room. Raghu says that he wants a simple room. Manager yells at him and calls for security. Shivani now scolding the manager.

Update Credit to: Naz_yuvreen

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