Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The officers announce that cadets can take their family to show the room and after that, the family should leave. Rathis go to see Sandhya’s room. As soon as they enter, Sandhya opens the windows and Bhabho immediately asks her to change her dress. Sandhya says she has to take her file to submit in the office. Bhabho asks Suraj to do it and he takes to file. Sandhya goes to change her dress.

Bhabho appreciates the room is spacious and good lighting. Bhabhasa inspects all the cupboards and sees the AC and shows it to Bhabho. Just then Zakir’s parents come to the room opposite to Sandhya’s. They don’t have the keys and Bhabho wishes them and asks about their daughter. They are amazed and before they answer, Zakir comes there. Bhabho is shocked

seeing him. He wishes Bhabho and he and his parents go to their room. Bhabho is angry with this arrangement of a man’s room in front of her daughter-in-law’s room and goes to ask for room change. She goes to Inspector Singh speaking to another officer and tells her that there has been a mistake in allotting rooms and asks them to change Sandhya’s room or allot the room opposite to hers to a girl. Inspector Singh asks the other officer to look at it and goes. The other officer explains Bhabho that there has been no mistake in allotting rooms. Bhabho asks her doubts of girls having separate building and guys having separate building and how can they do it in common building. The officer explains her that there is no gender discrimination in their academy.

In RM, Meena has altered the content of the letter and takes it to Chavvi. Chavvi is applying moisturizer and is upset with doing housework. Meena instigates her and gives the letter to her which reads as ordering Chavvi to bring food to Emily’s parlor as she is busy. Chavvi is furious and goes to reply Emily. Meena stops her and convinces her to find a master plan to trap Emily in front of Bhabho.

In Academy room, all Rathis are there. A security person comes and asks Sandhya to give one of her room keys to them in the reception for cleaning purposes. Bhabho is again not happy. She asks Sandhya to give the lock back to them as she has brought a lock with them. The security person is surprised and he explains them a key is needed for them to do cleaning. Bhabho asks Sandhya to do clean her room in her free time. Inspector Singh and another officer come there for inspection. She tells Bhabho that rules are not changed for anyone there. Bhabho voices her concern over robbery from the room and Inspector Singh reminds her that she is standing in Police Academy and all the people there are honest and also Sandhya does not need to wear jewels in the academy. Bhabho is worried about what would Sandhya wear during festivals. Suraj and Bhabhasa are embarrassed by Bhabho’s argument. Inspector Singh turns to Sandhya and asks her whether she has come to celebrate festivals or for training. She then tells her to follow the rules of the academy or else she can return back to her house with her mother-in-law. Bhabho and others are shocked. Sandhya addresses Inspector Singh as “Sir” and asks sorry. Bhabhasa interrupts and tells Inspector Singh that Bhabho is overly concerned for her daughter-in-law and Suraj assures Inspector Singh that Sandhya is very respecting and would follow their rules accordingly. Inspector Singh nods and leaves from there but Bhabho is upset. Bhabhasa takes Bhabho to the temple inside the academy.

Suraj comforts Sandhya saying everything is new to Bhabho, the whole environment and she will take some time to understand that her daughter-in-law is going to be an officer now. He says likewise Sandhya is also going to take time to adapt to the training and he will himself take time to understand that it is difficult for him to be separated from Sandhya for 11 months. Sandhya is also sad and he then diverts her taking the uniform and placing it on the handle on the wall and asks why did Sandhya address Inspector Singh as “Sir.” Sandhya tells him that there is no gender discrimination there and all are treated as equal and after the training also, they would be allotted equal work. Suraj then describes to Sandhya how he felt proud seeing Sandhya in uniform and at the same time, when she wears the saree, bangles and sindhor, he feels she is his dutiful wife and BG plays.

Precap: Bhabho takes Sandhya to a place where they have kept a trophy. She tells Sandhya that she knows Sandhya is confused how to fulfill both Bhabho’s vachan and her IPS duty and now Bhabho has found out the solution and shows the trophy.

Update Credit to: b2011

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