The Buddy Project 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd January 2014 Written Update

RV is playing in the basket ball court.Harsh comes there and tells him that it would have been good if he was there with him and Kiya last night as it was fun.KD is seeing all this.Harsh calls RV to canteen and he agrees.They walk past KD and JJ is looking at KD from behind.KD leaves and JJ STTC that the Game is On and we need to wait & see Harsh’s impact on the buddies or in what way buddies can change Harsh.

Harsh & RV are in canteen.Harsh asks about his girlfriend whether she is fine or not.RV says she was little angry but she is fine now.Harsh asks him the reason for being tensed and RV indirectly complains about KD to Harsh.He asks whether something major happened and RV tells that it will get sorted out.Harsh tells that few things are weird and never gets sorted out.Harsh tells that he takes his life on his term.He goes on to say that every friendship has some meaning/reason for it.He also tells that he needs to understand it or life may never give him an another chance to understand.RV thanks him for the suggestion and tells that he will manage on his own.

JJ writes the characteristics of KD and RV on board.He writes Ego & Anger for KD and Selfishness for RV.

RV & Harsh are playing basketball.Harsh scores so many goals and tells RV that he is yet to sweat but RV is already tired.RV says to him that he is playing to make his mood good and not to irritate him more by defeating him.JJ comes there and asks whether he can play.JJ says to Harsh that he is the biggest Khiladi but he is out of practice in basketball.He tries to put the ball and scores correctly.Harsh tells him that he thought JJ is of boring professor type but he is good.JJ replies him that he is not and he is really very bad and thats why his dad asked to take of him.Harsh tells that it will be fun only when it is proper game.JJ calls KD who was passing by the corridor.JJ tells KD that he is thinking to have a basketball match.Harsh asks JJ whether he thinks that he will play with KD.KD and Harsh get into an argument with who is better.Kiya and Panchi comes there.Harsh compliments Kiya that she is beautiful.Kiya looks at KD and Harsh tells so he is your psycho & possessive boyfriend.Harsh tells KD that he does not deserve her.KD tells him that he deserves his hand.Harsh comments on his class and KD is about to slap him but controls.KD tells him that we can play in his way and see who wins.JJ announces the basketball match between them.

KD and Harsh look at each other.Harsh tells the condition that if he wins he will go for a date with Kiya.KD asks JJ sir shut Harsh before he gets angry.Harsh tells that the fact is Kiya can go with only a guy like him and takes Kiya’s hand.KD gets angry and pushes Harsh’s hand.Kiya assures KD that she will handle it.Kiya asks Harsh who he is and tells him that taking her on a date by winning a basketball game is not a royal behavior.Kiya tells him that she is Kiya Gujral and not some trophy.Kiya leaves.

KD is about to beat Harsh for commenting on Kiya but JJ shouts to stop.JJ tells that they can talk about the game if the fights and argument are over.JJ tells that teams will be made and an interschool basketball tournament will be conducted.JJ tells that they can choose teams from now on.Harsh chose RV but RV comes forward and tells JJ that he chose not to play.JJ tells that its not fair and we need to give a chance to harsh.JJ asks KD’s opinion and he agrees and tells that he will defeat both of them.RaHi are shocked.RV says to KD that it is not his choice.JJ asks RV to join Harsh.

KD chooses Panchi and Harsh comments that he can’t get a better player from the college.JJ tells that we will open the entries in college so that everyone can get a chance and KD/Harsh can select from those.Harsh asks for leave and tells RV to come with him.RV tells he will meet him later.KD also leaves from there and RaHi look at each other.RaHi too go from there leaving JJ alone.

Kiya is sitting in the staircase.JJ comes to her and apologizes to her for Harsh’s behavior.Kiya asks JJ about Harsh.JJ tells that he is from a rich family and is a spoilbrat.He tells her that he is trying to change Harsh but at some point of time he feels that he is so much forward from the point of redemption.JJ leaves.Kiya STTC that she knows how it feels to be from a royal family better than others and also tells that she & Harsh can connect more.She also tells that she can help in JJ’s mission if she gets to understand Harsh.

A guy asks Piddi whether he will play in harsh’s team.Piddi replies him that he will play in KD’s team.Piddi tells that he would have already chosen me into the team.That guy tells piddi that KD chose Panchi instead of him.Piddi goes and asks KD.KD tells to Piddi that he is right and Piddi leaves saying that he will meet him later.JJ is seeing all this.

Students are writing their names in the entry board.*voice over says RV & KD gonna play against each other*.The screen divides between KD,RV & Harsh.Dean gets angry after learning about Chillars vs Dhakkans.He tells JJ that they will play tabla in his head instead of basketball.JJ says to the camera that that Game is ON.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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