Uttaran 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Mukta feels there is someone outside her house. She comes out to check and there is a santa who hides. Later he comes out and scares/surprises Mukta and gives her chocolates. After he leaves, Mukta finds a gift in her house. It’s saare and she thinks her Bade Papa gave this gift to her.

Santa’s face is revealed and it’s Yuvi.

Ambika finds out from Kaka that Meethi has gone to her house and Akash didn’t go with her. She decides to take advantage of this. Akash is going to take shower and Ambika comes out from his bathroom. Akash turns his face straight away and asks what she’s doing there. Ambika says she thought he went with Meethi and she came to his bathroom as hot water is not coming in hers. Akash tells her to let him know once she gets ready, he is waiting outside. Ambika

stops him and asks if he can give her saare to her that’s on the bed. Akash feels very awkward. Ambika hopes he will turn his face to her and then she will be able to trap him. Akash walks backward and doesn’t turn his face to her. He gives her the saree and leaves. Ambika is frustrated and asks until how long he will refuse her for handicapped Meethi.

Ambika gets ready and comes to Maiyya after removing her bangles. She tells Maiyya it will look odd to work in kitchen with empty hands. She asks whether Maiyya wants Chaubey to come here. Maiyya says she doesn’t afraid from him, and then gives her the bangles to make her happy. Ambika checks whether it’s real gold or no. Maiyya tells her she can show them to some jeweler if they ever bought jewelries instead stealing others. Ambika smirks and tells Maiyya she can at least trust her this much.

Mukta receives a call from her Badi Maa who tells her that they are coming to her house in night to give Christmas gifts. Mukta wonders who could have gifted her if Bade Papa didn’t. Vishnu comes there and Mukta asks him if he brought that gift for her. Vishnu says its too expensive for him to buy. Mukta asks him who would have come last night as santa then.

Mukta is at work. Yuvi calls her and doesn’t say anything. Mukta’s colleague comes to her and Mukta says she wants to quit this job. Her colleague says she will make a huge mistake if she does that because she is getting promoted. Mukta asks how is it possible. It’s just 2 days since she joined. Her colleague says that the CEO is impressed with her work and he wants to give her position of CEO’s personal secretary. Mukta thinks about Vishnu and decides to continue working after her colleague says that she will her own number and cabin. Yuvi watches everything and says to himself that Mukta put her intro trouble by herself. If she had quitted the job, then it would have been better for her.

Precap: Yuvi says he has returned in Mukta’s life.

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