Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Zakir that she has self esteem not ego. She will go with Sooraj ji if he clears all his doubts and gives her respect by his heart. Zakir says see Sooraj has come, and asks them to talk, he will manage work. Sooraj looks at Sandhya. He says he has come for some problem. She says she is here to help public. He says he wants to complaint against corrupt govt officers. She takes his FIR. She says I have taken it, you sign here. She recalls Sooraj signing earlier on her academy form, as he did not wish to sign, as he will be incomplete. She hugs him and he says he is complete now. She asks him to give Sandhya’s form to it, by a line. Sooraj signs the same way and she says she will come along.

Meenakshi talks to Emily and says if we don’t take money from Ankur, is this fine. Emily says Sooraj did right, its not good to take money from Ankur, else our self respect would have fallen. Meenakshi says she has always contributed towards family, and govt is returning money, else 9 lakhs is big amount. She says we have kids, they will go school and have expenses, we have to show our husbands the right direction. Meenakshi cuts the rate of medicines and acts like being hurt and Emily goes to see her. Meenakshi says I have stomach ache and Emily worries for her. Meenakshi asks Emily to get Bhabho’s medicines. Emily sees the bottle and takes it.

Meenakshi says she will cook, and asks Emily to go. She says I have made her pay money, now she will know how it feels to spend money. She smiles. Sooraj stops at a signal on his scooter, and Sandhya looks on sitting in her police car. She recalls the days when they used to go on scooter. Sooraj sees Sandhya in the mirror. She recalls her words that she wished to see them together in mirror again. Emily comes to know the high rate of medicine and thinks Meenakshi did this acting to make me pay, she is very clever, I have to make her realize with whom is she dealing.

Sandhya and Sooraj come to the govt office. Vikram says Bhabhi here. Sandhya says Sooraj ji, I mean Mr Rathi, you go, I will come, we have to catch him red handed. Sooraj asks Vikram to come. Vikram asks Sooraj did his heart melt that he called Sandhya. The man says I know you will come back to me, and reminds his bribe. Sandhya comes and catches him red handed. The man changes his words. Sooraj says he is lying, he is talking about 10% commission else he will make us come here forever. He says you should be ashamed and scolds him.

Vikram reminds the man his words. The man says they are lying, I can’t bribe sitting here, I can’t even take bribe name, I think they are doing this to spoil my name. Sandhya says fine, Mr Rathi never lies. Sooraj looks at her. The man says don’t go on his innocent face, and speaks ill about Sooraj. Kohli says does our Madam not know her husband, are you mad. The man says husband? If I knew he is your husband, I would have sent cheque to your house, sit, I will get something for you. She says you are going to jail, they will get the cheque, but you can’t go to give them cheque. She asks Kohli to arrest him. Sooraj, Sandhya and Vikram come out. They walk in different directions and look at each other. Music plays…………………They come to each other and look on.

Sooraj thanks Sandhya. She says no need to thank, as I do all my duty with honesty. Babasa says they both have just hatred. Bhabho says no they have love in their hearts and they fear that their love can come on their tongue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i hope suraj and sandhya get together soon

  2. nc episode pls directer ji undonoko miladejiye na jalde we want see sandya nd sooraj unite.

  3. I think sandhya and suraj wil unite In New Year

  4. Stupid babasa
    always thinking wrong

  5. I dont think on new year
    It is not possible in 2-3 day
    i think on 14 feb
    we will see thm togthr

    1. Better to end this track soon

  6. Vikram u blo*dy idiot u alone will be happy with ur cheap wife bt sooraj should be alone super logic……babasa u r a dirt in this world…..evenu wont get place in d hell…..sooraj go nd die u r not fit to her….sandya nd sooraj should not join..

  7. Viewers are loosing their intrest frm show

  8. Same old rubbish to drag the series, soaps are based on somewhat teal life of people not some fantasy Indian story writers and directors think public would like.

  9. Sooraj sought the help of Sandya to nab the corrupt govt. officer. Hereafter, number of instances will come for Suraj to seek the help of Sandya. Sandya will command respect from Suraj and will not demand respect from him in future.

  10. Not liking the story at all.

  11. That idiot babasa….i just hate him…what a horible kind of is he…wants to break his own sons happy maried life…..
    Blooooodyyy heeèllĺll…..

  12. Unpapudhon ki fouj mein bechari Sandhya…kare bhi to kya kare…

  13. * Unpadhon ki fouj mein Sandhya bechari……

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