Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan takes Rachna, while KT appears from his house. He looks at Rachna, wipes his tears and heads to go inside. A man stops KT, and asks why he is hiding from the girl. KT says he is selling the house. The man takes KT along.
In the room, Rachna thinks that KT had planned to go to Goa, in 2015, as Mr. and Mrs. Gunjan comes to find her crying, she says she doesn’t want to go. Gunjan asks why, she knows who has spoilt her mood. She must get rid of this sadness, and what will she do alone in home and sends her to go and get ready.
In the party, Gunjan, Rachna and Mayank arrive. The man asks KT to enjoy the party, as it is 31st party. Rachna feels the presence of KT with the perfume’s fragrance. She turns around but can’t find KT. She looks around and moves on. KT appears from behind her, looking around.
Rachna takes a seat, Gunjan comes and asks where her mask is. Rachna says she isn’t in a mood, but Gunjan says doctor has told her to be kept happy, so for her happiness she must wear the mask. Rachna agrees, and goes to find a mask. KT also comes to the table. Rachna’s mask flies with the wind, she bends to pick it up. KT also bends down and is shocked to see Rachna, handing her the mask. She takes it, but KT disappears from her and she keeps on looking for who handed her the mask. KT observes her from behind. Gunjan appreciates Rachna’s mask, KT watches them both, sadly.
A man asks KT to put a mask on, he looks at it and then Rachna. He thinks Rachna will be in pain watching him, and he doesn’t want so. The man urges and KT wears the mask. He thinks, I am sorry Rachna, I don’t have the courage to face you, specially today.
Shayl, Dayal and the family also wear the mask. Seema asks Prabhu what this is, he asks her to wear it and tells her the way to wear it. Dayal ties Shayl’s mask, while Prabhu ties Seema’s. Gunjan and Mayank arrive there too. They all head towards the dance floor. Bindia and Vikram dance together.
Bindia says to Vikram, she is happy dancing with him. The man says he too, she removes the mask and finds it was someone else. She makes him run, by holding her sandals. She thinks where has Vikram gone, he stood aside. She goes to him, and joins everyone. Peehu arrives with her baby to the party. Shayl takes the baby, Dayal asks where is the son in law. Peehu was quiet, and says his uncle was ill so everyone went there. Shayl asks didn’t you people go, but Seema saves Peehu saying their baby is so small.
Shayl forbids Gunjan from dancing, Seema allows. Mayank says he has an idea, he and Gunjan will dance slowly in a corner. Mayank promises Shayl to take care of her, Shayl allows. Gunjan and Mayank dance together.
The organizer announces a surprise for his guests, he requests the guests to arrive on the dance floor. They have to dance, and change their partners while dancing. Ladies be on the inner side of the circle, gents on the outer circle. The friend takes KT to the floor, insistently.
Rachna and KT come together, Rachna is reluctant. KT forwards hand to her, he hands her hand to another person, watch Rachna dance and says he needs her forgiveness but how can he come to her front. He is sorry.

PRECAP: In the party, KT watches the light lamp falling, jumps and saves Rachna. His mask remain intact, while Rachna’s come off.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Superb episode.luv Rabir

  2. an impatient rabirian

    awsome episode. can’t wait to watch it, as i am impatient, ha ha ha

  3. Beautiful episode ,RaBir always rock

  4. What happened to KT’s brother. Didnt they both get married???

  5. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode……

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