Dil Dosti Dance 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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In the college, Simmi gives Nil gift for their anniversary. They all begin celebrating it. Sara is happy to see this, she thinks how would that be, when one day Rey proposes her. Rey comes to her and kneels down with a ring, saying will you marry me. She was day dreaming, as Sharon observes her saying yes, in excitement. Sara clarifies its nothing.
They all go for rehearsal; Rey comes to her and says he has brought something for her. She gets excited saying, oh my god. He smiles, and says it is Karela juice. Simmi and Sharon ask why pampering for her, he says he will bring it for them as well. They leave, Rey tells Sara to drink it full.
Swayam and Rey were in locker room alone. Swayam asks he thought about Kriya. Rey says he realizes she deserves to know. Swayam says what if she. Rey says he will accept her decision, he dials the number. Swayam asks him to wait a bit more. Rey gets a call, he says its Kriya and says I have to do this. He takes the call, and says Hi, I am good. I have to tell you something, there is a girl in their group Sara. Sara comes calling Rey, his phone drops his hand. Sara asks if he and Swayam are inside, and calls him out. Swayam picks the phone for Rey.
The group poses to be media reporters, asking Swayam about his new date. They also get Sharon there. Sara enjoys it with Rey. They ask both if they are happy, Sharon says yes, Swayam also says yes. Sharon observes Swayam enjoying an leaves.
Huma laughs in the washroom, at Huma. Huma was in a bad mood. Sara says she is being unfair, he has apologized a lot of time, he really likes her. Huma says if it was true, he must not have hidden this reality. Sara wonders if she is doing the same to Rey. She says to Huma, that sometimes feelings matters more than anything. Huma is frustrated and says she has to focus her finale right now. Sara leaves it to her, and goes away.
Sharon meets Swayam in a restaurant. She asks if he is stalking her. He says his date is also here. Sharon asks him to go somewhere else. He denies, they go inside together arguing. Swayam’s date says she is following his group performances. Sharon’s date says he is the sweetest person. He complains the waiter for the stain in the napkin, and fights with him aggressively. Swayam mocks Sharon.
Sharon sits in frustration. Jai makes a drama with the waiter.
Swayam’s date asks him what the names of their children will be. He asks she has thought about so far. She takes his hand, and says her mummy needs a selfie with him and she is meeting him tomorrow for tea. Swayam leaves for washroom, pointing at Sharon to come too. She comes to him, he says there is a problem. His date is thinking about honeymoon from now. He thinks there is an idea, emergency. She can’t understand, he goes to the table. Sharon comes to the table with Jai. She gets a text message, says there is an emergency. She calls Swayam, and poses for a problem. Swayam also leaves for an emergency. Swayam says his neighbour’s cat was stuck in the terraces, he has to save it. Sharon says she has to save her neighbours dog, and take him to doctor. Swayam and Sharon come out laughing, and forbid each other not to tell the gang. They hold hands, for shaking. Swayam recalls, their deal that musical will be their last performance. Sharon takes a leave, when she gets Kriya’s call. She tells Kriya, Sara just joined the group. She wonders what Rey wants to tell her, looks at Swayam and promises she will tell her as soon as she gets to know. Swayam says he doesn’t know, Sharon says she knows Rey shares everything with him. She says she will ask Sara. Swayam stops her, and tells her about it all. He tells Sharon not to tell it to Kriya, Rey will tell her himself.
At night, Rey asks Swayam why he is tensed. Swayam says he thinks we must share Sara’s thing with everyone. Rey asks what Sara will think. Swayam says they are going to know, it is better they tell them. Rey says he needs time. Swayam says we don’t have time, as he has told Sharon already. He says he can’t lie to Sharon. Rey says he has no choice; he has to propose Sara and take her responsibility.
Sara was in bed, thinking about herself and Rey. She thinks the fortune-teller saying everything is fair in love and war. Sharon stands besides her bed, Sara says she has scared her. Sharon says how she can forget such a big thing from her, what has she decided if she wants the child or not. Sara asks her to talk about it later. Sharon was worried, that it is about their future. She blames Rey. Sara says there is no mistake of Rey in it. Sharon goes to make an appointment with the doctor. Sara says she isn’t pregnant. Sharon asks why Swayam. Sara asks does Swayam know about it too. Sharon asks why she didn’t tell Rey. Sara says for the first time, Rey is behaving as she always wanted. Sharon scolds her being so immature, she says she has two choices. Either she tells Rey herself, or Sharon will tell him. She leaves.

PRECAP: Sara dances, vigorously.

Update Credit to: Sona

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