Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking her staff to resign from police job and work for Pawar full time. She asks him to take salary from him as he is rich. They say we can’t take care of our family of we get fired. Sandhya says i know everything about you all. She asks them to go on honeymoon or take care of their families. They think Sandhya knows everything about them. They apologize to Sandhya and asks for one more chance. Sandhya says you all are not interested, stay at home, or be at tea stall, no need to join police, serve Pawar. They say no one arrested Pawar till now. They request Sandhya to forgive them. Sandhya says fine, I can give you a chance if you keep up the oath which you took when you joined police force, go and rectify your mistakes. They leave saying Jai


Bhabho comes to Babasa. He is annoyed with her. She apologizes to him and says Laxman told me this and I thought Sandhya will not stay with us. She says I trust her. Babasa says Sandhya has always been with us in bad times too, its out duty now to support her. She is Pushkar’s ASP now, she has the responsibility of the city now. Bhabho says I know this, there is much work in police station. Babasa says yes, Sandhya is doing great work, we can’t help her, but we should support her and be her strength. He says I know its new for us if our bahu works like this, but we should do our duty towards our bahu.

Sooraj sees the time and says Sandhya will be coming now. I did not get any words to praise her till now. He thinks what to do. He gets few good lines in the newspaper and reads it. Sooraj calls Sandhya and tells those lines. Sandhya smiles. She says great. He asks did you like it, I fulfilled my promise. He says I knew you will like this. She says it was good, but I did not understand its meaning, my hindi in weak, please explain meaning of Hasrat. Sooraj says it means hasrat….. He says keep smiling. Sandhya laughs and says I have a doubt. He asks what. She says how did you write this. Sooraj says why, I can write it.

She says you can’t write it, its good, what did you do. Sooraj says I got it in mind, no I read it. Sandhya smiles. Sooraj says I read in paper and told you, I know I stole the lines but if you want, you can arrest me. Sandhya says yes, you will be punished. He says fine, agreed. She says your punishment is praise me in your words. He says I…… The woman comes to take sweets. She asks Sandhya to hold on. He says I love you and blushes. She smiles. Diya aur baati…………….plays……………. She says I love you too Sooraj ji.

Everyone see strange thing at Bhabho’s house and gossip. Sooraj comes there to see, Bhabho puts Sandhya’s name plate there. Sooraj is happy and smiles. Bhabho praises Sandhya and says she is IPS and we are proud of her.

Sandhya comes to know someone came to meet her. Its Kavita. Kavita greets her. She says congrats, you got posting in Pushkar. She says I came to inform you about illegal wine supply in the city. She asks her to raid and find out everything. She says elections are coming and these things should not happen. Sandhya says I understand, they are doing this to buy votes. Sandhya says don’t worry, I will handle this matter. Kavita thanks her and says I trust you. Sandhya says I m thankful to you that you helped the law. Kavita says I will leave. Sandhya wears her cap and leaves in the car. She reaches the place which Kavita told her. The staff still talks against Sandhya. They say we don’t find anything fishy here. Sandhya says she has a doubt in this place. She looks at the junk yard.

Kavita tells Anu that Sandhya thinks she iss a good politician to give her wine information, but she does not know it will reach me..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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