Qubool Hai 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 30th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Sanam’s and ahil’s residence
While ahil is in a daze, his new secretary is shown to be stealthily moving out. He starts having nightmares about his childhood beating. the waiter comes and finds him asleep, and then he wakes up with a jerk and finds the waiter right in front of him. Ahil gets to beating the servant. He apologises profusely once he comes to his senses, and then pays the servant off for compromising. rehaan comes and is confused to find ahil like this, and asks him to control his anger. Rehaan dismisses the servant and he leaves. rehaan asks what happened and asks him to control his anger. ahil says that he has paid the servant to get treatment, and that he is like this, and being a bad person, he doesnt care. rehaan says that he is also a liar, and he just pretends to be and wants to know the reason why, and it feels he is punshing himself for a crime that he didnt commit, and doesnt want to prove himself innocent. Ahil takes him by the collar, and asks him never to repeat this ever again. Rehaan leaves after saying, that he doesnt know why ahil is bent on making a bad person out of him, but if he is so determined then he should prove him wrong. Rehaan leaves. but from outside the door, he asks ahil not to be something that he isnt, and that he should stop this pretense of trying to be bad and evil. Ahil is reminded of his torture, and he gets into a rage and starts breaking things around and in her residence, sanam too is distraught and frustrated, as she takes off the wedding ensemble off herself, with much disgust. They are both restless and frustrated as they eye themselves in the mirror, and break it off.

The next morning, Dilshad gets sanam tea, while she is surfing through the papers. Sanam gets anxious for her, and attends to her instead. Dilshad asks where does she get this strength from. sanam says that the lord tortures those who can bear it
meanwhile, Ahil says that he cant wait anymore and that he is dying to get home, as its the only bed where he can sleep peacefully. rehaan says that its just one more night, and that the family too shall return soon. he teases ahil that he doesnt really need the bed for sleeping. ahil asks him not to be sarcastic. rehaan asks why the renovation of the house. Ahil says that all of this is for his mother, and he wants everything to be perfect for her, and give her all the happiness in the world. rehaan says that wherever he talks about his mother, he is a different person, as if he is happy from inside. Ahil says that the people are fortunate who have mother with them and only a mother can do, what she did, and she took away all of his pain and sadness,a nd even if he gives his life, he would be still indebted to her. rehaan hears tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
sanam is told by the Panchayat, that the construction people are right and that they have legally bought the land, and they cant do anything about it. sanam says that there must be someway out, and that the dhaba is the only way out for salvaging. she decides to go for a court case. But she is advised that the court cases drag forever, and she should instead look for a job in nearby towns.

Scene 3:
Location: sanam’s residence
Dilshad is completely against working outside in the city. sanam says that she too did this a long time back, and that they have to do this only, as there is no other option out. She asks dilshad to see the bright side of it, and maybe they get a good doctor too for haya’s treatment. dilshad says that she’s right when everything is in the hands of the lord, then whats the problem, and decides to be with sanam on her descision. Dilshad is against the idea of going to delhi, or working in the call centre. Sanam talks about mumbai. Dilshad says that its very far away. Dilshad, haya and sanam are discussing about newspaper ads for jobs, and then finally Sanamfixates on a Job in bhopal, stunning dilshad who’s surprised at the irnoy of her life, thats leading her back to bhopal. Dilshad is taken back to memory lane, which saw happiness and also the biggest tragedy of her life. haya and sanam are tensed to find her like this. sanam says that she cant refuse bhopal, and that this means the time has come to reach back to Bhopal. Dilshad says that noone will ever go to Bhopal, and stands at this descision, despite sanam and haya coaxing her. she leaves, while both the girls are tensed.

Later, Sanam talks on the phone, managing somehow in english, about the jobs that she has shortlisted. She starts getting frustrated when nothing worthwhile happens. Finally her eyes fixate on a particular interview in the newpaper.

In the after noon, Dilshad pleads to the loan sharks about some more time for paying off the debt that they had taken. but they start insulting dilshad. Dilshad says that sanam isnt like this, and that she would pay off every penny. But the people dont listen and that she may run too like Anmwar, and that maybe their heredity is to be blamed for this, and maybe the fault was theirs only. Sanam shouts at them to stop. Sanam says that today they did have the guts to talk like that, but never should they repeat it again, as they always blame the women, even after the male are blatantly wrong. she says that due to people like them, people like anwar are saved, and they feel that since there’s no male member, anyone can do or say anything. Sanam says that this house may have ladies but that doesnt mean they are weak or helpless, and they should never think of talking like that ever again. Dilshad is tensed. sanam throws money on them, and asks them to get lost. When they leave, she starts reprimanding dilshad also not to listen silently to such people. Dilshad hugs sanam, as she gets emotional. Sanam says that she would do everything to get dilshad and haya happy, even if that means going to bhopal without her consent and knowledge. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Anwar goes to meet his mother in the jail, who’s counting beads. as she turns around, its revealed that ahil’s mother is actually tanveer..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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