Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema and Maya releasing 10 passengers. A chopper comes to pick them. Mohit asks Emily why did he say yes to his job offer without asking him. She says our family will be coming home today and we need to give them happiness, accept this job for Pari’s sake. He says we should have spoke to Babasa once. She says they all will be happy by this good news. He says fine. Babasa and Meenakshi meet Sandhya and Zakir. He asks Sandhya to free Sooraj, Bhabho and Chaturi in the 10 passenger. He asks her to think as his son is her husband too. He asks her to free their family if she cares for them. He asks her to do this, and choose family over duty. Sandhya cries. Sandhya and Zakir are called by the staff. Sandhya asks Babasa to sit in her cabin and she will just come.

Meenakshi tells Babasa that Sandhya did not say anything, what will happen now. Babasa says Sandhya loves Sooraj a lot, she will do this for him, he is sure. Prema tells Maya that she has dropped the people where she told her, and she is coming back now. Maya smiles. Vadeja tells Arjun and SP Sir that 10 passengers are released. Arjun gets the list of the passengers. Sandhya is shocked knowing its just Chaturi from her family. Maya talks to Arjun and asks him to free RK in 6 hours. She asks him to give this duty to ASP Sandhya Rathi. Arjun asks why Sandhya. Maya says we have Sandhya’s husband and mum in law here, and we are sure she will not try to act smart for their safety. She says don’t be foolish to send any weapon with Sandhya. She says no one should be there with Sandhya and RK, else one mistake will cost 65 lives.

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Vadeja tells the seniors about their plan. He says all the best to Sandhya and Zakir. They leave. Meenakshi asks Babasa to leave all this and come home. Babasa says he wants his family to be back. He says when Sandhya tells me three members of our family have come, then I will eat food. Meenakshi asks him to have water and it falls in the file. She cleans the file and sees the video in the laptop. They are shocked seeing Sandhya is making Zakir as Rajkumar. Zakir talks like RK and takes his identity. Babasa and Meenakshi are stunned seeing their big plan.

She says Sandhya is taking such a big risk by sending Zakir and not caring about anyone’s life. Zakir talks to Sandhya and says everything will be fine soon, all everyone’s anger will go. She says she wants all the innocent people to be back home safe. Maya tells Prema that Sandhya will get RK here and she will bend infront of us, we can’t trust Sandhya, so I got our helpers here. Prema says Sandhya will not win, she got 10 passengers and will lose the 65, her uniform will be stained. Disha tells everyone that Indian govt agreed to their demand and they will be free in 6 hours. She tells Sooraj that Sandhya is bring RK and coming here without any weapon.

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She says Sandhya has troubled us a lot, and has failed. She says if Sandhya shows any smartness, she will kill her infront of his eyes. She promises him. Sooraj gets angry and cries. Bhabho pacifies him. Sandhya and Zakir come to meet Babasa. He asks is Sooraj, Bhabho and Chaturi present in the 10 passengers and asks Sandhya to answer him. He says what she is doing is wrong, and she won’t let her do this. Sandhya sees the video playing in laptop and is shocked.

Sandhya asks Babasa to trust her. Babasa says this bravery will end my family. He says he can’t let her risk their lives. She says I have to go and requests them not to stop her. Babasa says he can’t let her go, and its fate that has shown him her plan, else he would jave not known that she was risking his family. He says you have just come in our lives, but he has an old relation with Sooraj and Bhabho. He says arrest me, kill me, do anything, but I will not let you play this game. Sandhya cries.

Babasa reminds Sandhya the eighth promise of Bhabho, to be loyal to her family or do her duty

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  1. Irritating babasa……
    Stop this non-sense talks…….. How can babasa be so selfish…………
    Please end this track soon its toooooooo much draging………….

  2. Nothing makes sense anymore. Have anybody (in this show) ever heard of “For Official Use Only” related to work material? And what is with Babasa and his angry ultimatums to Sandhya? How stupid are these people. So irritating.

  3. Owais Ahmad Bhat

    if zakir can become “the RK” why not any other police officer like Lohiya

  4. What a stupid and irritating story. I won’t watch this from today onwards. After all Ek hasina Thi is the best indian story that I have ever watched.

  5. They r dragging this story point lessly. Oh come on Diya aur Baathi hum- Team.. Indian Ordiances are not so stupid as u guys r thinking.. There is no Plane HIJACKED in the past few years in India. The checking is very tough. Although Sandhiya is a Police officer.. How could she didnt identified two girls staying in her house unwantedly. Wat Rubbish…. There r 3 girls in the plane with 75 passengers,.. cant the passengers do anything??? They r in plane from the past 15 days.. They r dragging pointlessly… Even they have to be with a Logic to drag a show.. STAR wont give a chance to shows like Iss pyaar ko kya naam…. Ek haseena thi… and Pyaar ka dard hai… and all.. They r giving chance like Diya aur baathi & Saath nibhaana sathiya… Please end these two shows and come up with a Good show Star Plus. You r not ending Yeh rishta….. Bcoz Yeh rishtha is the Oldest show of star plus… Its not ending bcoz of the relationship with the producer of Yeh rishtha and Star Plus. Its fine.. But end Diya aur Baathi and Saath Nibhaana..

  6. Man if we have IPS officers like Sandhya our future looks damn bright. What a foolish officer i think the whole serial they have tried depict how stupidly our govt functions or how stuipd our officers. Being a policewoman myself i want to kick on this director’s groin again and again until he does a retake.

  7. stupid sandhya….why she kept her laptop open..its very rubbish…please end this hijack episode..its very irritating to see maya disha& prema.. please change the track to someother….but never end this serial…………plz ……………………………………………

  8. my papa is a great fan of this show but even he got bored of this dragging hijack topic. plz dont drag it any more.. plzzz :((

  9. Bored with the episodes

    Too much dragging

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