Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sheeta informs Ria’s family about Rukmani’s condition. Ria gets upset and goes to her room. She says I won’t leave my career for marriage. Abhi follows her and says do you think I am selfish. She gets a call from the hospital. Ria says she is coming. She tells Sheetal that she can’t sacrifice her one happiness for the other. Both of them are equally important for her. My parents have worked harder to get me educated. Doctor adviced my mumma not to work, but she worked and made me study. She tells about her parents’ sacrifices. She says I am not selfish to forget my parents’ sacrifices which they have done to fulfill my dreams. Vishesh asks her to think about her happiness. Ria refuses to leave her career. She folds her hand and says she is not asking anything from Abhi. She informs that she is going to hospital now.

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Ria leaves. Abhi follows her in his car. He asks her to take car on the side and asks her to drive car slowly. Ria asks him to leave her alone. Abhi promises to let her work after marriage. She asks how to believe you. Abhi sees truck coming from the opposite side and gets shocked. He have an accident as his car rams into the tree. Ria rushes to him while the title song plays……………She shouts and cries. Sheetal waits for Abhi and Ria. She asks Lata what to reply to Rukmani. Vishesh says Ria’s decision is ours. Sheetal suggests them to wait for one day before replying to Rukmani. Lata agrees and thanks her. Vishesh thanks her for giving time.

Ria tries to wake him up and cries. Abhi opens his eyes. Ria gets first aid box from her car. She makes him drink water and does the first aid. She thanks God. Abhi promises her that she will work after marriage. Abhi kisses her hand and says you have a healing touch. You should have been a sister and not doctor. He jokes. She calls hospital and asks him to call if there is any emergency. They come to the coffee shop.

At the coffee shop, announcement is made to confess love to their respective partners. One guy confesses loving his girlfriend. Ria goes on the stage to speak her heart out. Ria confesses loving Abhi. Abhi gets impressed with her words. Zehnaseeb songs plays…………They start dancing while the song plays…………..They hug each other emotionally.

Abhi tells Rukmani that he doesn’t want to hurt her that’s why lied to her. Rukmani asks about his lie?

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  1. wow it was really nice.abhi and rai looking good together.i hope this serial also goes as wt said in the title.tum aise hi rehna.even i want this serial bhi aise hi rehna.thank for update.

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