Dil Dosti Dance 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sara takes a leave from Rey to get ready.
Karma asks the tailor to hurry up, the tailor says it will take time. Karma thinks where he’s got stuck, has Huma bet with him to take time. But she is really cute.
Ishika laughs that Huma did great by sending Karma to the tailor. Huma says she will beat him in his own game. She asks about her and Raghv. Ishika says it’s just alright, but she wants to look for another home. Karma brings Huma’s dress, Ishika says she is also there. Karma holds Huma’s hand that he doesn’t see anyone when Huma is around. Huma takes a leave from him, when he was lost holding her hand. Karma orders the waiter. He brings the bill to Karma, and tells him this is the old bill. Karma says he will pay it, and was shocked to see it was 12,000. He says its not his. The waiter says his girlfriend gave a teat to the whole canteen.
Sharon and Sara receives the guests. Sharon asks about Sara’s date, Rey comes running. Sharon says her date is a surprise. Sharon and Sara watches Raghv and Ishika and ask why they aren’t going inside. They say they are waiting for their own dates. Sharon says she is the principal of the academy they practice dance, they must go inside. Raghv takes Ishika’s hand, and takes her inside. Both the girls laugh. Sharon looks on the path, Sara asks whom is she waiting. Sharon says she is waiting for her date, Sara digests with difficulty.
Karma comes to Huma’s house, thinking when they see him and Huma together the bet will be over. He calls Huma, she doesn’t pick the number. He goes inside, outside, Huma puts on glue on his seat saying he is going to be a little late. She takes the auto. Karma comes out, saying Huma didn’t tell her before leaving for the party.
Sara watches Chintoo, and asks what he is doing. Sharon says he is her date.
The group comes to the party, Sara says Amar and Bharat are dating together. Sara asks about Vicky’s date, they all say his date is that ghost. Huma comes to the party, Sharon and Sara go inside as well, as everyone has arrived.
Inside, Sharon asks Rey about his date. He says it must be somewhere. Sharon complains to Rey that he didn’t ask her for being the date. Rey teases her for keeping Chintoo as a date. They all ask about Swayam. Sharon says he may not come, as it is a couple entries. Swayam comes with his date. Rey asks Swayam who is she. Swayam says she is a girl, he tells them that the girl came to their academy and got a dare from her friends so he agreed. Simmi asks how could he agree. Sara and Simmi leave. Rey asks Swayam what was the dare, to date him? Chintoo tells everyone he is Sharon’s date here, Rey sends him to drinks.
Sharon says to Simmi she can’t believe Swayam brought her academy’s girl as a date. They both says she shouldn’t be concerned about it. Sharon says they are right, she can also do whatever she wants to.
Karma comes to the party, and can’t get up the bike.
Sara complains to Rey, but Rey says it is good. Sharon feels jealous for Swayam at least. Rey takes a leave in urgency. Sara wonders where all the boys are.
The boys help Karma get up the bike, Karma shouts and cries. The girls there shout at Karma, while he hides.
The girl says thank you to Swayam, he says she must not say thankyou again. Sharon watches them together, picks a glass juice and hits the girl. She says sorry, the dress was ruined by mistake. Swayam leaves.

PRECAP: The D3 perform a dance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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