Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Kavita that she will talk to SP to seek permission. Sandhya calls the SP and tells him everything. She says Kavita wants to take a rally to change the mindset of people. The SP says I don’t have any objection, you will get my permission, but be careful, there should not be any political issue, as I want peace in the city. Sandhya says thanks, don’t worry, I will be taking care of the rally. Sandhya tells everyone that SP gave the permission for rally. Everyone is happy. Sandhya says don’t worry Kavita, no one can harm you, I will find out about Pawar. I will not leave him at any cost. She asks her to give the CCTV footage and asks Sooraj to take Kavita to the hospital.

Kavita says no, I will go myself. Sandhya says no, he will take you and I will leave for police station. Sandhya asks Kavita to take care. Babasa says Someshwar Pawar, name of Lord and doing bad things like this. Dilip gets a call and says this can’t happen. The man says your cheque has bounced. Dilip says I will check and tell you. Chavi asks what happened. Diip says bank people called, my cheque has bounced. He says I had balance in my account, and we did not spend it, then how did this happen. Chavi gets tensed. Dilip says I will check now.

He checks and says someone did shopping, who did it. He asks Chavi about it. He asks why did you do so much shopping and scolds her. Dilip’s mum asks him to calm down and takes Chavi’s side. Dilip says but she should have told me about this, why is she quiet. He says I could have gone to jail as the cheque bounced. Chavi cries and leaves. Dilip says what it this, why is she not answering, I m her husband, don’t I have the right to know this. His mum asks him to talk to Chavi with love, as its his duty to keep her happy. Sandhya issues the arrest warrant against Pawar and asks her staff to find him.

She says if you want to be friends with him, then resign. She asks them to find out by his friends and use informers. The rally announcement is made. Sandhya comes to an area to find Pawar. She says we will get him soon and he can’t go out of the city. She sees a phone and Lohya says it’s a message for you. She says for me? She reads it and comes to know they can help her in getting Pawar. Saandhya says who is this helping me. Bhabho and Sooraj bring Kavita to the hospital.

Kavita gets treated. The doctor asks her to take medicines and rest. Bhabho says I will bring medicines. Kavita says no, I m better, I have to go to work on rally. Bhabho says first take care of yourself, its still time. Kavita tells Sooraj that she is fine. The nurse thinks Kavita is Sooraj’s wife. Kavita says he is not my husband. She talks to Sooraj. Bhabho comes and asks Kavita to take medicines. Sandhya gets a call and asks her to come alone to get Pawar. Lohya asks where will she go. Sandhya says go back to police station, I will come. She leaves. Sandhya is brought in the car garage and removes the black cloth from her eyes.
She sees Pawar aiming a gun at her. He says you have fooled me last time, and now I have equaled the score. He laughs seeing Sandhya. He threatens her. He says I want revenge from you, so I have brought you here. He says the revenge is not over, its remaining. Sandhya looks on.

Pawar threatens Sandhya.strong>

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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