Dil Dosti Dance 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey thinks why Kriya agreed to the conditions of contract without informing him. How can she do this? Kaka comes to tell him Kriya is here to meet him. He tells to bring her in.
In the college Simmi argues Sharon that Rinni is selfish as she is leaving everyone. Sharon says you are selfish, your friend is going to start a new chapter of her life but you are making her guilty. You are being selfish and possessive for her but showing fake anger. She says love isn’t easy decision so Rinni might also be facing such condition. She says everyone told her Jignesh is a really good guy. Simmi says she doesn’t want to grow up, Rinni is ignoring them all because of that new comer. She says she don’t want to listen to what she has to say. Rinni comes there and says if you couldn’t understand me after years of friendship, she won’t explain anything to her. They both argue and tell Sharon to leave.
Sharon gets Swayam’s message, she gets shocked after reading it.
At Rey’s place Kriya says Hi to him, but he didn’t talk to her and was upset. She tries to make up his mood but he complains she didn’t bother telling him about her agreement. Kriya explains her plan that if they run the academy well they can get the charge of it too. Rey says his dean sir called to thank them all and Kriya to support and agree to all their terms. Kriya explains he was in a bad mood that day but she discussed it to Swayam. Rey says you told Swayam and didn’t bother telling me.
Swayam explains to Sharon who is also angry about the agreement while Kriya says to Rey she doesn’t think anyone will have an issue. Swayam requests Sharon to agree. Rey says had she asked him he would have joined the academy only for her. He says he will support her in the decision whether he agrees with it or not. He leaves.
Sharon says she hopes this is the right decision, Swayam thanks her saying he hopes Rey also agree.
Kriya gets the call from advertisement company for look test. She thinks she got and opportunity and must give it a shot, cant ignore her. Rey is in bad mood so she will talk to him later.
Rinni was practicing when Simmi comes in. Simmi says she must be practicing international standard dance. Rinni says she is glad to know who gets happy with her happiness and who doesn’t.
. Simmi says to Rinni I am sorry and hugs her. They all clap for them. Simmi thanks Sharon. Rinni promises them to chat daily. They all go to café but Swayam and Sharon stays together. Sharon says it was Rey’s idea and he has agreed. Sharon tells Swayam to give Rey some space as this was a difficult decision for him.
Rey calls Kriya to ask how she is. Kriya says I dint want to fight with you, she wanted to help him and she doesn’t like him tensed. He thanks her for removing his tension. Rey says Sharon later made him understand. Kriya says he is more important for him than college, dean or anything else. Kriya says she will tell him after coming as she is going somewhere right now.
The dean congratulates VP to accept the contract. VP asks does he want to say something else. The dean says they have some old staff, so they will make the new hirers go or keep just two. He says this is not fair but is business. The VP is tensed, but the dean only agrees upon four members.

PRECAP: Rey says sorry to VP, he asks Swayam where Kriya is and calls her. The director at the shoot shouts ‘no phones’ and was and ill-mannered person.

Update Credit to: sona

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