Beintehaa 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain walks into the house and is greeted with tensed faces who inform Zain that a curfew has been slapped in the city and riots have broken out. Zain’s immediate thoughts go to Aaliya, He comes to know that Aaliya left along with him on her cycle and has not returned yet. Zain instantly calls Aaliya on her mobile but there is no answer …Just then Usman calls who enquires about the riots ..Zain takes this opportunity to slip out in search of Aliya.


Aaliya numerous cousins pile on the jeep head out in search of Aaliya..Zain comes few seconds late..One of the cousin tells Zain to go inside and not to step out ..


Suraiyya is anxious for her son, urges Usman to call up Shabana and talk to Zain. Usman hiding his own fears , tells of Suraiyya reminding her that Shabana and her family are caught in the middle of a riot while they are safely in the AC room of Mumbai, itt would not do good to call them again , again..


Zain is thinking about Aaliya and the rude words thrown on her during unpacking, he decides to find Aaliya at any cost, Zain starts on foot to search for Aaliya.

In Some other Part

The camera pans on a twisted pink colored cycle, a broken chain like the one worn by Aaliya, One sandals..

IN Another Side of Bhopal

Zain is standing in the middle of the street, fuddled, confused , clueless and getting progressively scared for Aaliya.. He remembers all their moments from the time they had the dance fight..

Just then Suraiyya’s call reaches Zain. Suraiyya is all motherly concern ..She demands to know whether Zain is asfe and sound, Zain stammers that he is safe ..Hearing him stammer, Suraiyya gets suspicious asks Zain whether he is inside the house..Zain assures Suraiyay that he is securely inside the home… before further conversation can ensue,The phone is cut. A big mob comes running brandishing knives , swords etc..Seeing them Zain tries to move away.. while Police battalions hold the rampaging mob .


Ayat gets a call from Ayesha who informs her that Zain and Aaliya are both outside and have not returned , Ayat exclaims this fact aloud in shock.. which is overheard by Suraiyya who is even more shocked.

Suraiyya calls up Shabana and demands that she give the phone to Zain, Shabana fibs about Zain’s presence which angers Suraiyya very much .. She scolds Shabana for lying again, reminds her that Bhopal has given her too much of sadness and she will never forgive them if anything happened to her son. Shabana listens quietly ..

Suraiyya heads to Usman, updates him about Zain being caught in the streets as he has gone in search of Aaliya.. Suraiyya bitterly remarks that everytime Zain steps on Bhopal soil, he gets into trouble..Suraiyya is about to remind Usman about the first time when he had to forcibly marry Aaliya but stops seeing the look of Usman.Usman quietly remarks that he is aware that Suraiyya never accepted Zain’s marriage but he also reminds her tht it was Aaliya who brought them their Barkhat, Suraiyya will not hear of it, she refutes Usman’s assertion stating emphatically that it was HER son Zain who got Barkhat and not to give undue praise and credits to Aaliya.


zain rings up Aaliya again; the call connects..Zain is relieved.. His relief lasts until he hears a male turns out that he is Inspector Khan . Inspector Khan informs Zain that he found the phone lying by the cycle and to come to Sadar Bazar for further info.

Zain quickly leaves for Sadar Bazar after getting route instructions from the local inspector. Zain reaches Sadar Bazar.. He approaches the inspector who has his back turned .. The inspector turns , both are surprised to see one another cuz Inspector Khan is Zeeshan’s Uncle !! * A flashback of Inspector Khan alleging illicit affair between Zain/Aaliya..The hug moment which the whole family witnesses etc etc *

Zain gulps down, tells the inspector about the phone .. Inspector Khan hands him Aaliya’s phone, points at the broken cycle of Aaliya’s..Zain walks towards the cycle, his heart breaking with every step.. he squats down , picking up the earring of Aaliya’s which has fallen on top of the cycle as if tugged away by cruel hands while the sonorous voice of Inspector Khan tells Zain that several women have been injured and 2 are dead too.

Zain is locked in his own miserable world.. thinking back at their good moments and bad moments .. Of their fights , of their togetherness… He walks towards the vehicle which houses the bodies.. Zain slowly lifts the cover off one face….. A pause …

Zain covers the face again… The deserted riot hit streets of Bhopal are shown with its broken down vehicles, blood stains and then…A heart rending cry of Zain pierces the quiet of the night …. AAliyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Update Credit to: Tanthya

  1. Where the hell is ALIA ??????

  2. such a sad episode, but she will be alive for the maha episode of rangrasiya and Beintehaa. This clearly means she will survive, I think she is among the injured people. Not too sure though. Feeling sorry for zain and the families.

  3. Kavitha Venkat

    Where is aliya ? Zain is so sad ? The epi is very sad

  4. I think inspecter of rangrasiya had saved alia

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