Ek Boond Ishq 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

SCene 1
nandu knocks on tara’s door, mj hides, nandu ask where were you, tara says I was out of home, I came to know that you brought 3 wives of fake mj, nandu says I was wrong, she ask where were you, tara says I went to file fir for my phone, nandu says you should have asked me, your phone is with me, tara says thanks, tara ask do you know about bablu’s wife, nandu says no he is mj. mj comes there, mj says I am happy that you trust me that I am mj, wish you were my wfe, he holds nandu’s hand, nandu says jija is flirting with saali, tara gets jealous and says he cant be mj, nandu says he never got time before to flirt with me, I am telling you he is mj, tara says you are loving him so take him to your room, nandu says why he is your husband, mj says atleast take me to my room, he holds nandu’s hand and ask her to take him, they goes while tara fumes.
mj and nandu comes to rudra, nandu says we are trying to make tara believe that he is mj, rudra says why you both are holding hands, nandu sasy he was flirting with me, mj says I was making tara jealous. PRECAP. look how beautiful is she and have mind like tubelight, nandu says what you are making fun of me, rudra ask nandu to go and sleep, mj says don’t fight, I will go, he says to rudra that I need holiday on 31st may as there is life ok awards. rudra ask him to stand straight and says this is not govt. job that you will get holiday, rudra shuts him and ask him to go and see awards on tv, he leaves. nandu thinks to go and meet adi, rudra is angry at her. she says I am going to drink water.

Scene 2
nandu comes to adi, adi says you are on tara’s side, why you tried to make mj fake, I now have to think that should I trust you or not, he leaves, nandu says this is happening because of bablu, nandu turns to go in her room when she finds mj in hall, she says he was in his room then where is he going, mj goes upstairs, nandu follows him. mj goes in his dark room, nandu says why he went mj’s dark room.
tara is there in dark room, she fires him for flirting with nandu, she beats him, mj gets closer to her, tara says on 28may there is puja and I will fast, mj says very simple go to kala and tell her that I am real mj, tara says what, mj says you say infront of all that I am fake mj and now doing fast what will I say to kala. tara says I decided that I will do this vrat(fast), listen with open eyes that I will do fast and you will open it, now you have to think how to hide our relation, mj says who wants to hide, nandu sees them together from window, mj says I want to see in your eyes infront of all, I love you a lot, I want to spend my life with you, he says I want to tell world that my tara is married, her forehead shouldn’t be empty, she Is my wife, nandu is stunned listening t them, mj says I want to fill your forehead, he takes out sindoor and fills her maang, tara cries, mj wipes her tears and hugs her. nandu says this is real mj not fake, there Is no bablu, he is playing with kala, I should tell her. nandu comes in dark room, she claps. tara is shocked, nandu confronts tara and says he is same man whom you were not recognizing and now you filled your maang with his sindoor and wants to fast for him, wow, one side he is loving you and other side you are crying for him, she says this is real mj, who is alive because he never died, bablu is real mj and he is faking everything and you are playing role of suseela, you were there that day when I went to meet suseela and when I brought suseela here, you were missing as you are suseela, she says you played a big game even kala has no clue about it but now its enough, she leaves. tara says she locked door from outside and now she knows you are mj, your flirting ruined all this, mj smiles and says ek boond ishq pe hoon zinda( alive on one drop of love). tara says nandu will tell all that you are mj, mj says she will rudra, tara hugs him and says I don’t want wanna lose my bablu, mj says I will set everything.

SCene 3
jairaj says to rudra that we should talk to counselor about mj, rudra says I dreamt of our father, he said to save pride of our family, if we talk to counselor then our family will be defamed and mj can go to jail, jairaj says but nandu and tara are not accepting that he is mj, nandu comes there and says he is real mj, jairaj says atleast she accepted, nandu says he is mj, he never died. rudra is shocked.

PRECAP- nandu says to family that I wanna tell you that mj.. mj comes there and says I will tell what she wants to say, she wants to say that mj never died as you all think, mj is alive and is standing infront of you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. i disown u for liking this serial……

  2. I rlly love this show .i hate nandu and kala

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