Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th June 2013 Written Update

Episode No. 489
Night scene- Sandy in the backyard.
Sandy remembers suraj’s words while giving the third matka to bhabo. his words that her failure is his & it is his faith on her. Suraj in the balcony looks at the sky. He comes down with an umbrella. Sandy asks him why is he roaming aroung with umbrella. Suraj tells that heknows that but he has faith. He adds that she must concentrate on her studies & everything is going well. Sandy asks him what if she fails to stand up to his expectation & fails in the competition. She adds that she is good at studies but the competition will be tough as many would come like her. What if she fails??. Before suraj could say something it rains & he tells that his faith has come true.

Suraj tells that he can now tell that she will win the competition & adds that it is his belief, belief on her dream’s fulfilment. He adds that it is god ‘s wish & she will fulfill it. He tells that it rained on his faith & adds that where there is wish faith there is Aastha.And asks her to have faith in herself. Sandy hugs him

Vina return back to RM. Meena is upset with the shooting. Emily is doing something in the litchen. Bhabo opens the door. Bhabo asks emily to bring towel for kanha & a blanket too. Bhabo sits down & warms up kanha. Meena asks abt the food. Emily tells that she has made something. Meena feels happy. Bhabo stops them by saying that they have come from temple & have taken food outside. Also she asks ems to call mohit as he is hiding after she asked him money. Bhabo leaves with kanha. Meena feels bad. Vikram tells that it is his house. kitchen, food, etc all bcoz of her lies . Meena tells that she will take the food silently. Vikram stops her & meena is worried.

Emily tells mohit that bhabo asked money again & advises him to tell the truth before she finds out. Mohit tells her that she can do whatever she want as she became a wife out of her will & he is not expecting her to fulfill the wifely duties.
Emily tells self that she will not let her husband down..


Next day morning.
Meena sweeping the floor.(nice scene to watch)
Some one brings tv in rickshaw. Meena wonders whose??? She asks them & the man replies Suraj rathi. Meena tells that it must not be suraj rathi & tells that some one has bribed him to mock her. The man replies that he is not. Meena thinks that suraj bought this without giving guarantee. She runs to bhabo . Bhabo asks her to peel something. Meena refuses to do that & says that suraj bought tv without her approval of her. Adds that he ignored her. Bhabo asks suraj whether tv came & asks him to fix it. Meena runs behind bhabo. Mohit Chavi & suraj happily take that tv to the hall.
MEena tells that it is TV. Bhabo tells that she knows that & has seen tv before in singapore. Meena asks her how she gave permission. Bhabo tells that he gave her guarantee. Meena runs behind bhabo & asks what guarantee … was it like jewel. Bhabo tells that she has jewels a lot & asks her whether she is hiding any jewels from her. Meena asks her abt the guarantee.


Bhabo tells that he gave more than jewels worth. Meena asks the value. Bhabo tells that it is 50 Rs. Meena asks what ??? Bhabo tells that it might be 50 Rs value for her but it is very valuable for suraj. Meena tells that she is having head ache & kanhamay get that too. Bhabo taunt s her saying that she is a big kaand maker. Bhabo shows her the matka. Meena laughs at that. Meena tells that her first son has made her fool. Suraj calls sandy too. Sandy asks emily to accompany them. Meena tells that it is easy for sandy to save this.Meena tells that SurYa have made mockery of the condition. She asks her to understand her pov. Bhabo tells that she understood & asks suraj to stop fixin tv now.Suraj comes & asks what happened. Bhabo tells that no one will fix tv now.

Precap: Bhabo tells meena that she will cancel this & return back thetv . Babasa asks what was that. bhabo tells that she has not yet finished her speech. Bhabo tells meena that she will accept her words but on one condition.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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