Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 27th June 2013 Written Update

Virat is jogging in the park. He likes seeing grown up people. But get angry on seeing kids. He wants to share what’s going on inside his mind. But he’s scared. But he finally decides to tell her that he doesn’t want to become a dad. She’ll understand. In the kitchen, Virika are cooking for virman. Viren’s paratha is getting burnt and Jeevika offers to turn it around. But he doesn’t allow her saying she wants to take credit of his work. When she tells him it’s burnt and Virman are not going to have it, he replies it’s roasted and he made it for himself and not them. Swamini bua comes and asks what they are doing. They reply they are making breakfast for virman as they gave such happy news. Viren is making 3 dishes and Jeevika is making three. Jeevika comments only 3 of them will be edible. Viren replies they’ll see and both fold their hands and turn to opposite sides. SB laughs on seeing them.

Everyone comes for breakfast and Jeevika serves them. When Manvi comes Jeevika serves her paratha. But she doesn’t feel like having them. Virat comes and sit by her side. By mistake she pours water on him and he gets angry saying he has auditions. But everyone wishes him good luck and says it’ll be good. When Jeevika serves Manvi her favourite moong dal, she has vomiting sensation and she goes from there. Virat complains that she’s vomiting n number of times since morning. Vanshika tries to make him understand. Viren is upset seeing his behavior towards Manvi and decides to talk with him.

Virat is in his room and decides to tell everything to Manvi. But when Manvi comes in she starts to cry saying she missed 1 episode of her favourite show. Virat consoles her saying he’ll download it for her. She is happy and asks him to be with her always. She tells him about mood swings and a book vanshika gave her. She hugs him and Virat is more upset.

Swamini bua asks why Viren sent Jeevika alone to clinic. But Vanshika says Virika went together. But Viren had an important meeting. So he had to let her go alone. Jeevika is in the hospital. She asks doc whether reports are fine. But doc asks her to come with her husband. Then she’ll say. Jeevika insists on sharing what is in the report. But doc doesn’t tell her.

Virat is with the music director chotu malik. He thanks him for giving him a chance. He replies it’s his duty to find talent. Virat starts to play guital. But is interrupted by chotu malik’s kids’ sur and thaal. Thay start playing some music instrument. Which annoys him? And chotu malik asks Virat to play along with them. Later music director’s pregnant wife comes there. She says her kid is already playing guitar inside there. Chotu malik says they all are going to be future music directors. His wife suggest they all have food. Virat is irritated with all this.

Manvi is in her room. She feels Virat ‘ll think she has split personality coz of her mood swings. Jeevika comes there. She’s upset and when Manvi asks she shares what doctor said. Manvi consoles her saying doctors these days are filmy. They’ll say they they are going to be parents only when both of them go together. She takes her inside and shows Jeevika a pic of kid Virat and kid Manvi she made in photoshop. Jeevika says it’s really cute.

In an ice-cream parlor, Viren and Virat are having ice-creams. Virat says his audition was not good. There are kids around and Viren is happy seeing them. He says soon they’ll come with their kids like this. Virat is irritated. And says he’s not ready for such a responsibility. Virat tells that Viren that nobody understands what he needs. Viren tells him fate is playing a good game. One who badly wants to be a dad is not able to and one who’s going to be a dad is not ready for it. Virat says he cares for everyones feeling. But he can’t be a dad now. Viren is upset. He asks Virat to control his emotions and not to share anything with Manvi now. But Virat feels he should tell her.

Precap: Jeevika, Vanshika and Viren are at the hospital. Doctor is going to reveal the report. But she hesitates. Viren holds Jeevika’s hand and tells doc that they are ready whether it’s a happy news or bad news. Everyone looks expectantly at the doc.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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