Anamika 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 27th June 2013 Written Update

Jeet informs Anamika that now she has got married to Chhavi. Jeet makes lame excuses for being helpless and having no choice. He apologizes for not waiting for her and being there for her in her bad time, but now nothing can be changed. But Anamika asks him, if he loves Chhavi. She says that he has betrayed her by not waiting for her for even one month. Jeet says now that he will have to suffer for his betrayal and probably they were never made for each other. He leaves her house and Anamika says to herself that she will fight destiny and make Jeet hers and only hers.

Anamika is getting hysterical and Chandralekha asks why she is laughing when Jeet has become someone else’s? Anamika replies that Chhavi is wife just for name sake, but she is his first wife and no one can change this truth. She says that she will remove Chhavi also from her path like Rano.

Jeet returns home and Chhavi asks him to move to his room else if someone sees then they will ask questions. Chhavi says that she will wait for creating space in Jeet’s life and will not try to remove Rano’s memories. She goes, and Jeet starts regretting his decision of marrying her and ruining so many lives. He wonders how he will tell her that he loves Anamika and its her he is worried about now, not Rano. He says that he wished he would have waited for a little longer for Anamika (of course Mr. Saluja, one month is not such a long time that you just went ahead and got married. You could and should have told Chhavi about Anamika before marrying her. You are playing with her life too this way)

Jeet is thinking that he would have to tell everything to Chhavi soon as he can’t lead such a double life. Chhavi wakes up in the morning and finds Jeet missing and wonders where he could have gone so early in the morning, while Anamika is waiting for Jeet to come to her.

The family has breakfast and Pratap is giving nek to Chhavi but she says that she wants something else. She wants to join back the office. Nani tries to refuse, but Pratap gives her go ahead. Balraj asks where Jeet is and Chhavi says that Sir has left early and nani says that she should stop calling him Sir now. Pushpa asks Chhavi to take kheer for Jeet in office. While Jeet decides to tell Chhavi everything.

Precap: Jeet saying that he loves Anamika

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